The Solution For Your New Year's Resolution

What is PumpUp?

PumpUp is an intelligent digital trainer that helps you reach your fitness goals through awesome personalized workouts!

Key Features

Personalized Workouts

We provide each user trainer-quality workouts designed specifically for them. We take into account their goals, skill level, favourite equipment, and more!

Intelligent Algorithm

As users workout with PumpUp, we learn about them and automatically adjust their workout to push them closer to reaching their goals - just like a great personal trainer!

Performance Tracking

We make it simple for users to track their performance and then show them how many calories burned, exercise targets achieved, time spent working out, and more!

Coaching & Motivation

We show users exactly how to do each exercise, and provide email reminders and push notifications to keep them motivated and on track!

PumpUp Mobile App Demo

Why PumpUp is Awesome

PumpUp is all about helping people live a healthier and happier lifestyle! PumpUp gives people what they need to get started or improve their fitness. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

Whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or just being healthy, PumpUp helps people actually get the results they desire to achieve! We’re making personal training affordable and accessible for everyone so people can get real value out of their gym membership or home equipment!

Partnership Opportunities

Contest Giveaway

  • Giveaway 3 FREE annual subscriptions to PumpUp (a value of $60 each)
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Special Price for your Readers

  • Offer your readers a special discounted price for being fans of your blog
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App Review

  • Write a short review on our application
  • And/or include PumpUp in a "Top Fitness Apps for the New Year" blog post

Your Suggestion

We’re very open to discussing any ideas you had to tell your readers about PumpUp!

Launch: December 27th, 2012

Our Awesome Team

We’re a team of two 20-something fitness junkies! One day we were looking to improve our workout routine so we hit the app store and found that there was really no simple, personalized fitness apps to help us take our fitness to the next level - so we decided to build it ourselves!

We’ve worked closely with personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches to build out the high quality of our personalized workout algorithms.

Screen Shots

Build a Personalized Workout

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Do Your Workout & Track Your Performance

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Know When To Break

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View Your Performance

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See How it Automatically Adjusts Your Workout

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