By: Tyson Peterson

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What Is Spam?

Spam is the sending of unsolicited emails or messages. They are usually sent through email, but in other methods too. It just costs time and money.

You can tell when something is spam when it is encouraging you to but something. They often use words like "free" or "sale" to get you to open it. They also are used to spread malware.

How to Avoid Spam

Spam can easily be avoided, but not all of it. You will always get spam, no matter what you do. A list of things to do to decrease spam are as follows:

1. NEVER reply. A lot of the time they just send mass emails to see which accounts are active or not.

2. If you are signing up for a site, use a temporary email. It will stay active just long enough to sign up, then it will disappear.

3. Make sure the email account you are using right now has a spam filter.