Tornado Safety Poster

by: monique kwot

Have you ever felt like their was a tornado coming?...

Has the sky ever just turned a really dark color and you couldn't predict what was going on? Then it started pouring rain...and you couldn't tell if it was a tornado, or other dangerous disaster?

Be informed of the signs of a tornado

  • if the sky becomes a darker color (grey, greenish)
  • Loud rumble that doesn't go away like thunder might
  • (blue, green, white) flashes on ground
  • witness debris falling from the sky

Be somewhere with a basment

  • keep away from windows
  • go under something that will protect you like a table
  • head protection (put hands on neck and be in a crouch position) just in case something does fall on you..

Have supplies..?

  • radio
  • flashlight
  • water
  • food
  • blankets
  • Other (materials that will keep you safe and protected)


  • "try and outrun a tornado"...thats very dangerous
  • if your outside, don't just stand their go to a steep or a low ditch
  • stay away from power lines and things that may electrocute you

After a tornado....

  • stay where you are until it is safe to come out
  • help anyone out that you see injured or need help