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6/4/21 Volume 2 (39)

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Happy June~

Can you believe it is already June? Before another month goes by, let's enjoy the present. Laughter is the best medicine for the heart.. for the soul... for your mental well being... and it's free and accessible. So, take a moment to be silly and laugh or have a joke telling contest with your family this weekend.

Here are some to help you out:

Q: Do fish go on vacation?

A: No, because they’re always in school!

Q: Where do sheep go on vacation?

A: To the baa-hamas!

Q: Why do fish swim in saltwater?

A: Because pepper water would make them sneeze!

Q: How can you tell that the ocean is friendly?

A: It waves!

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Snapshots from this Week

Important Reminders!

Have you taken the Student Census to let us know that you are returning or moving on next year? Please do that now by clicking here, if you haven't already. Thank you.

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Important Dates (Every Week: College Wear Wednesday and Spirit wear Friday)

6/11- Minimum Day

  • Ends @ 11:10 AM for Preschool & PK
  • Ends @ 12:45 PM for K - 5th

6/14- Spelling Bee Winners- extra recess

6/16- 5th Grade Party (11:15 AM - 1:15 PM)

6/16- Last Day of School for preschool only

6/17- Last Day of School (ends @ 12 PM)

6/18-8/30- Summer Vacation (Family bonding time)

8/31- First Day of School 2021-22

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Student Parent Tutorials

Student/Parent Tutorials - There are various tutorials on Google apps.

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Mental Health Services

PYLUSD Mental Health Services

Outreach Concern hotline (low cost counseling): 800-4-Concern

CareSolice (search engine for finding counseling): 888-515-0595