HPS Technology News

Week 8, Term 1 2014

Isn't it great that it's week 8?!

Welcome to another edition of HPS Technology News. Week 8 is here already, the Easter Eggs are in the stores and the term is wrapping up quickly.

I hope you find this fortnight's smore useful in your classroom and helps bring on those wonderful light bulb moments that we all love. 'Till next time, happy smoring!

Great Interactive Website!

I love coming across a great website that I can use in my classroom to engage students and deepen their understanding. Interactive Sites for Education is a great website to check out, especially for Maths. I often use Get Smart in my classroom but am always looking for something new. When you look at Interactive Sites for Education there is a wealth of resources on offer including Literacy (stacks of resources from reading to grammar, spelling to sight words), HSIE and Science resources and even Brainteasers. When you click on Mathematics there is a huge variety of interactive resources that cover not just number but space and measurement too. This website is well worth a look.

Great Interactive site to support HSIE and Science topics K-6

A lot of the HSIE and Science topics in our current and also new syllabuses touch on Australia and its features. The website Wilderquest is absolutely unreal to help engage and support students in exploring the different features and environments of Australia. Designed for Australian students and supported by the NSW Government and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services, this website explores the characteristics of different environments in Australia (rainforests, deserts, etc), the flora and fauna that are found there, provides a 3D exploring feature for students to navigate through and provides opportunities for students to learn about animals, plants, food web and Aboriginal culture. For independent use, Wilderquest also has an app which can be found in the HSIE/Science folder on all HPS iPads. Check it out!

Scholastic Strikes again!

When I find a new website I like I am like a little kid in a lolly shop; I get so excited! This week I came across SpaceJams, a website created by Scholastic. SpaceJams is a website that has fantastic slide shows and information for students on Science and Maths. First I looked at the Science section. I clicked on Animals and in Stage 2 at HPS we are studying Minibeasts at the moment. Much to my delight I came across slide shows on Vertebrates, Invertbrates, Arthropods and much more. The slide shows have nice music to accommodate great pictures and age appropriate information. Other topics available in Science include The Human Body, Ecosystems, Landforms, Rocks and Minerals, Weather and Climate, the Solar System, Matter, Force and Motion, Energy, Light and Sound, Scientific Inquiry and also Plants. The Maths section is also great. It too contains a lot of topics and step by step videos and instructions for students to understand and develop number, space, problem solving, space, measurement and algebra skills and knowledge.

Great new apps!

Have a great fortnight!

Alison Miller

Hillsborough Public School