Civil Engineering

By: Fatih.A

Description of job

Preforming engineering duties in planing,design and manage construction projects also supervising construction and maintenance of building structures and faculties such as roads, railroads,airports, bridges, dams,pipelines, power plants,and water and sewage systems . They also consult clients and conduct research to determine project requirements.

Work environment

civil engineers spend some of their time working on a computer,making phone calls and doing tricky math calculations. The rest of their time is spent at the work site, inspecting and supervising construction.

Potential employers

  • Federal,provincial and municipal governments
  • Residential building developers
  • Highway and heavy construction firms

Essential skills and technical skills

  • reading
  • writing
  • computer use
  • oral communication
  • math
  • decision making
  • problem solving critical thinking
  • physics
  • working with blue prints and maps

Civil Engineering salary

The salary range for civil engineering is from $46 k to $98 k

The average salary for a Civil Engineer is C$61,901 per year.

Hourly rate

$18.21-$41.57 if you work overtime it will be from $16.48-$66.44

Civil Engineering future outlook

  • 2015 -10,914 job seekers and 10,340 job openings
  • 2016 - 11,016 job seekers and 10,009 job openings
  • 2017 - 11,139 job seekers and 9,735 job openings
  • 2018 - 11,230 job seekers and 10,026 job openings
  • 2019 - 11,325 job seekers and 10,032 job openings
  • 2020 - 11,448 job seekers and 10,315 job openings

This trend effects it because there would be more competition in the job so you would have to make a really good resume if you want to get the job.

Employment requirements

  • University education is required
  • A bachelors degree in civil engineering or in a related engineering discipline is required
  • A masters degree or a doctorate in a related engineering discipline may be required
  • licensing by provincial or territorial association of professional engineers is required to approve engineering drawing and reports and to practice as a professional engineer.

Typical characteristics

  • desire to figure things out
  • creativity
  • Hands -On
  • Problem solving
  • working with other people
  • communication

Similar occupations

  • Aerospace engineers
  • electrical engineers
  • mechanical engineers
  • construction
  • environmental engineers