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Holiday Edition: Nov. & Dec. 2018

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"The 'American Dream' means giving it your all, trying your hardest, accomplishing something. And then I'd add to that, giving something back. No definition of a successful life can do anything but include serving others."

-George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States

(June 2, 1995, in an interview with the American Academy of Achievement)

In Memoriam of

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U.S. Representative, Diplomat, U.S. Vice President, U.S. President

June 1924–November 2018

George Herbert Walker Bush was born on June 12, 1924, in Milton, Massachusetts. The son of Senator Prescott Bush, he was born into a wealthy and politically active family. Bush attended Phillips Academy, an elite boarding school in Andover, Massachusetts. He began dating his future wife, known as Barbara Pierce at the time, after they were introduced at a Christmas dance in 1941. Bush was 17 years old at the time, and Barbara was just 16. They married in January 1945.

On his 18th birthday, Bush enlisted in the U.S. Navy, becoming the youngest pilot in the Navy during World War II. He served as a combat pilot in the war, flying carrier-based torpedo bomber aircraft and a total of 58 combat missions. He had a brush with death when his plane was hit during a bombing run in the Pacific. After managing to escape the burning aircraft, he was quickly rescued by a U.S. Navy submarine. Bush was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his WWII service.

After the war, Bush attended Yale University, where he graduated with a degree in economics in 1948. He later moved to Midland, Texas, where he found success in the oil and petroleum industry.

He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1966. He served as Ronald Reagan's vice president for two terms and then won the 1988 U.S. presidential race, before losing his bid for a second term to Bill Clinton. Afterward, he made appearances for son George W. Bush, who also was elected U.S. president, and co-founded the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.

During his presidency, Bush skillfully handled foreign affairs during a tumultuous time for the nation. Just months into his first term, he responded to the dissolve of the Soviet Union and oversaw the U.S. military's removal of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega from power. Not long after, Bush responded to then Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait (August 1990), creating a national coalition and leading a military strike to drive Hussein out of the oil-rich country. Bush's handling of the invasion in Kuwait is largely viewed as his greatest presidential success.

-->View his full biography

-->View his final journey to Washington before burial in Texas

In the News and Updates

Our City Leader of the Year: Mayor Sylvester Turner!!

Dive Awards presents City Leader of the Year to our Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Since starting his four-year term as mayor in January 2016, Turner, a born and raised Houstonian, has prioritized the city's resilience and quality of life for all residents, which was especially apparent following Hurricane Harvey. He said the city has faced three "500-year storms" in the last three years — two of which were under his administration — and with every natural disaster comes a deeper understanding of how to prepare for the next while still prioritizing residents.

The concept of "building forward" has echoed throughout the city's leadership this year; however it doesn't just apply to how the city is recovering from Harvey.

About Smart Cities Dive Awards

The 2018 Dive Awards recognize the industry’s top disruptors and innovators. These executives, companies, trends and breakthroughs are transforming the industry and shaping the future. You can see the awards here.
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Read the Complete Dive Award Report

Congratulations Mayor Turner!!

MBK Community Challenge Competition Results.

My Brother’s Keeper Alliance (MBK Alliance), an initiative of the Obama Foundation, announced the winners of its inaugural MBK Community Challenge Competition. The Foundation selected 19 organizations across 10 states and Puerto Rico as national models to expand evidence-based initiatives to reduce youth violence, grow effective mentorship programs, and measurably improve the lives of boys and young men of color. There are ten winning “National Impact Communities” and nine “Seed Communities.”

-->View Obama Foundation News Release

2nd Obama Foundation Summit 2018 (Chicago, IL)

This year's theme was Common Hope: Uncommon Stories. Artist and storyteller Janelle Monáe describes, "it reminds me of President Obama, and his longstanding belief that, no matter our backgrounds, we all share a desire to build a better future. No matter how different each of our tales are, we must do what we can to help each other achieve the extraordinary. When someone shares their story, we see the world through their eyes."

The Obama Foundation and representatives from all MBK jurisdictions (including our very own MBK Houston) were brought together in Chicago for the 2nd Obama Foundation Summit to listen to the stories from next generation leaders and build stronger communities around the globe.

-->Check out the Recap

Learn More about MBK Rising!

MBK Rising! is a convening that will bring together the growing network of MBK Communities, elected officials, cross-sector leaders, and young men of color and the organizations working hard to help them achieve their dreams.

Center: Noel A. Pinnock, Bureau Chief MBK Houston and Helen Stagg, CEO of Change Happens!

MBK Houston Executive Leadership Quarterly Meeting

Our MBK Houston Executive Leadership Quarterly Meeting was held on Monday, Novemeber 26, 2018. The purpose of this meeting is to provide quarterly updates with regards to MBK Houston progress, successes, and challenges. Food and refreshments from Jimmy John's was provided as small token of thanks for all partners supporting our collaborative and staying at the table. We are building a city of champions, one child, one family, one community at a time.

During this meeting we covered our newly updated MBK Feeder Pattern and gained deeper insights on our Community Data Profile as presented by Ekundayo Azubuike from our Houston Health Department's Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Research for Effectiveness and shared Milestone Year-end Wrap-up updates. Check out the minutes and quick links below:

Quick Links:

Our next meeting is scheduled for: February 25, 2019 at 10 AM

The Public Charge

The City of Houston and Houston Health Department believe the proposed revisions will have a negative impact on all Houstonians – both for residents who are citizens and permanent residents, and those who are not.

The Federal Government is currently accepting comments from the public on the proposal with a deadline of December 10, 2018. The City of Houston has a website where people can learn more about the proposed changes, review frequently asked questions, and submit feedback through an easy-to-use portal. We encourage you to direct your clients and community to this website. We suggest a social media push and have attached the graphics we’re using in our effort, which you are welcome to use as well. If you do share these via social media please let us know, so we can amplify your message.

--> View the Full Letter Here

What We're Reading

Building a Community of Practice

MLK Day January 2019 Parade Planning

Our Bureau of Youth and Adolescent Health will be collaborating with the Mayor's Office to support the Martin Luther King parade in January. We are looking for schools, colleges, groups to participate in the march!

Please RSVP by December 20, 2018 and contact Jericho Leftwich at or Christine Barron at


On behalf of the Black Heritage Society and The City of Houston, we would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the 41st “Original” MLK, Jr. Birthday Parade & Holiday Celebration. The Black Heritage Society continues to celebrate our own prestigious milestone of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first-ever MLK, Jr. Birthday parade celebration in the United States this year. We want your help to keep Dr. King’s legacy alive, and to directly support the disadvantaged communities and under-served citizens for whom we represent each and every day.

Therefore, on Monday, January 21st, 2019, in Downtown Houston, we would be honored to welcome you and your organization to participate in the 41st Annual “Original” MLK, Jr. Birthday Parade celebration! As always, the parade will kick off at the corner of McKinney & Smith (near City Hall) at 10:00 AM. As the largest-attended MLK, Jr. event in the city of Houston each year (over 50,000+ guest), we are the only organization in the City of Houston that maintains an official IPM license from the King Center in Atlanta, GA. We hope that your presence at our parade will inspire millions of people around the world that as a nation, we still believe in Dr. King’s timeless message of unity, freedom, and equal rights.

We would like to request that you and your organization partner with this year’s celebration; which will mark the beginning of the 2nd 40 years to serve as a parade participant. Your participation with this historically-rich organization The Black Heritage Society and the Honorable Sylvester Turner, Mayor, Houston Texas, will be an honor.

For this request, we ask that you please contact our Project Manager (Mrs. Stacy J. Harrell) by phone at (832) 741-6649 or by e-mail at Once again, congratulations on your incredible achievements, and we look forward to your participation at this year’s parade celebration!

Kindest Regards,

Mr. Sylvester Brown

Chief Operations Officers

Black Heritage Society

400-year Anniversary Commemoration of Importation of African Slaves

Background: In 1619, the triangular slave trade used deception, instruments of force and violence to transport millions of African slaves to America. The first African slaves landed at Point Comfort, Virginia, near Jamestown.

Goal: Commemoration of 400 years of survival and resilience in the face of slavery and segregation. Returning African Americans to their traditional greatness and reconnecting with the family and community. Promotion of transformative activities to improve the lives of African Americans

How can I Help?

  1. Join the local organizing committee and become one of the 400 points of light. Plan a local SANKOFA commemoration in your school, church, community organization, etc. (Coordinators: Queen Mother Joan Hubert and Ms. Angela Rice)
  2. Agree to become one of the 400 points of light

  • Organizing family and community members (10 to 20) to research their family ancestry and the impact of the middle passage (forced voyage of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to provide uncompensated labor to their captors)
  • Present your family findings during the 400-year Commemoration September 2019
  • Focus on building power and unity in the family, community, race, nation and world. Connect with participating community building organizations

For further information:

Omowale Luthuli-Allen 832-573-2705

Celebrating the Life of Congressman Mickey Leland

"Be afraid to die until you have won some victory for humanity." -Horace Mann

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, People gathered at the Mickey Leland Park to celebrate the life of Congressman Mickey Leland. The event was sponsored by MBK Area Action Team, Black United Fund, and International Youth Friendship.

Photo Courtesy: Omowale Allen, Community Involvement Coordinator

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Parent Engagement Night at Bruce Elementary

On behalf of MBK Houston, Lead Counselor Roderick Peoples organized a parent engagement night at Bruce Elementary and brought in Wells Fargo representatives to provide a session on financial literacy and the Boys and Girls Club to introduce after school programming. Bruce Elementary now has a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)!

Photo Courtesy: Roderick Peoples, Lead Counselor

Help Houston Recover and Plan for the Future with the Hurricane Harvey Registry

Whether you had damage to your home, volunteered to help rebuild, or had neighbors and friends who were severely affected, all of us saw firsthand the destructive impact of Hurricane Harvey over a year ago. However, we also had an opportunity to observe the resilience and the sense of community from everyone in the entire Harvey-affected region.

It’s important to recognize that though this storm is physically past us, there are long term implications of Harvey, some obvious and others unknown, that we must evaluate. Research collaborators from Rice University, the Houston Health Department, Harris County Public Health and other experts from around the region have come together to create the Hurricane Harvey Registry to collect such information.

The Hurricane Harvey Registry is working to measure the long-term impact of Hurricane Harvey so that communities can heal, get the relief they need and better prepare for future storms. It is extremely important that everyone in the region participate. Even if you were not affected at all by Harvey, visit to share your experience via a ten-minute survey so solutions can be forged for years to come.

A New Charter on the (Sunnyside) Block

Let's give a warm welcome to Bloom Academy Charter School to our Sunnyside Community!


Through rigor, joy, and character development, Bloom Academy Charter School prepares all kindergarten through fifth grade scholars for success in middle school, high school, and college and to lead lives of positive impact in their communities.

Apply Now

Applications for kindergarten and first grade seats for the 2019-2020 school year is now being accepted.

EHAP Annual Sweater Giveaway: Donations Welcome

Please support and donate new to gently used winter clothes for kids from pre-kindergarten to high school. All this is made possible by EHAP (Everyone Has Absolute Purpose) supporting our youth in the Scarborough community.

For Donations Contact: 713-870-4981

Postive Youth Development

Art Out Loud at Clifton Middle School

Art Out Loud 2017-2018 was offered to Clifton Middle School students only. The program was initiated to create stronger connections between Houston area schools, community centers and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Instructors would teach students about different techniques, processes and materials artists have used in the creation of art. The program also afforded students who may not have the opportunity to participate in art programs. Students learned to reflect on self, accept criticism from peers and communicate their intent.

Outcome was a successful program in terms of quality of instruction and setup. Having the partnership of the MFAH instructor and teacher in the same room together helped the classes run smoothly. Also, the fact that the Clifton teacher walked the students to the library helped maintain attendance levels. The Collier library staff contacted the school every Wednesday morning to verify attendance. If classes were canceled, library staff quickly contacted the MFAH instructor of the situation. This is the reason the Collier Regional Library was recognized as the model library for Art Out Loud.

Clifton Middle School will be participating a 2nd time for the 2018-2019 school year. Students will get a chance to display their artwork in the Museum of Fine Arts Houston just like last year's Art Out Loud session.

-->View Clifton's Art Out Loud 2017-2018 Album

About Glassell-on-the-Go

Glassell-on-the-Go is a studio art outreach program designed to bring the esteemed youth art classes of the Glassell Junior School into the surrounding community for underserved youth and their families. During the school year, teaching artists and faculty of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the Glassell Junior School brought mobile art classes to schools and community centers in the Houston metropolitan area, encouraging students to create works of art using high-quality materials and tools.

Clifton Middle School Food Pantry

Clifton Middle School has been distributing food to over 100 families on a weekly basis. The pantry has been led by the students and are continuing to service the community every Monday from 3:00 pm-6:00 pm.

It's open to the community and volunteers are always welcomed!

Healthy Kids Running

The Bureau of Youth and Adolescent Health just finished hosting their inaugural five-week Healthy Kids Running Series in Alief! Healthy Kids Running is a program designed to provide kids with a positive, educational, and fun experience to the world of running, while also effectively combating increasing rates of child obesity. Nearly 50 children signed-up and participated in the series.

Photo Courtesy: Melissa Bing, Management Analyst II

Depelchin All Stars at Bruce Elementary

DePelchin Children’s Center understands the importance of character development and partners with schools to help students make positive life choices. All Stars is offered to students in grades 5th-8th.

All Stars is an evidenced-based educational program thatpromotes an interest in learning and encourages cooperation among students. The primary goal of All Stars is to prevent youth from engaging in behaviors that will put their health and well-being at risk. The effects of the program range from increased academic achievement to reductions in problem behaviors. These results have been replicated in diverse settings. For more than 25 years, All Stars has been helping to create a positive learning environment for students.

Photo Courtesy: Roderick Peoples, Lead Counselor

Nice Kicks for Bruce Kids

Our System of Care Lead Counselor Roderick Peoples always works hard to find resources for our students to help with basic needs and let them focus on their education. Special thanks to Nordstrom and New Balance for donating new kicks for our students at Bruce Elementary.

Photo Courtesy: Roderick Peoples, Lead Counselor

MBK Houston Milestone Snapshots

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Houston Basics

What basics have you been working on this month? Parents and caregivers please remember that there is no such thing as not having enough time. We all need to MAKE time to implement these basics. It would essentially SAVE you time in the future when you build a proper foundation for your child to build on.

-->Check out our Houston Basics on YouTube

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Houston Basics Focus Groups

This was a focus group at Avance in September. We facilitated the focus group with bilingual moms and AVANCE staff.
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Photo Courtesy: Sharifa Charles, Senior Health Planner and Tatyana Smith, AVANCE

Read Aloud From Birth

ReadAloud has a great video that touches on Houston Basics #5 "Read and Discuss Stories"

Too few parents get this message; too few understand the window of rapid brain development that begins at birth.
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Read Aloud 15 Minutes: 15 Read Aloud Tips

Every child. Every parent. Every day.

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University of Houston: Read Houston Read

Listening, sharing, caring–Changing a child’s life through reading

Read Houston Read is an opportunity to build an important relationship with a student that will leave a lasting impact on their self-esteem, their ability to learn and their ultimate success. By working with the same student(s) for an entire school year, we have the potential to change the direction of their lives, simply by sharing the gift of reading. Donating time to help a child, who may be struggling in school because he/she cannot read fluently, a great difference is to be made with University of Houston's dedication to education!

Photo Courtesy: Ericka Mellon, University of Houston

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Real Men Read at Bruce Elementary

Houston Real Men Read is a mentoring program in which gentlemen who are business and community members from across the greater Houston area volunteer one hour of their time once a month to read to students in third grade in HISD schools. The program reinforces three fundamental principles:

  • Reading is fun
  • The community cares
  • A commitment to education can ensure success

Our Lead Counselor Roderick Peoples has been a dedicated volunteer and recently read the books below to our Bruce students!

Photo Courtesy: Roderick Peoples

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Circle of Men at Wheatley HS: Officer Selection

The MBK powered Circle of Men is pleased to announce the selection of officers for Wheatley High School 2018-2019.

Mr. Jonathan Palmer was elected President. He is currently a senior and plans to pursue a law enforcement degree at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. Mr. Nameer Kennedy was elected as Vice President.

MBK Circle of Men members agree to climb the highest mountain in pursuit of excellence, tell the truth in love and hurt no one.

Congratulations to Jonathan Palmer and Nameer Kennedy!

Circle of Men at Clifton MS: Our 2nd year!

We are now in the 2nd year of meeting with the students at Clifton Middle School. This year we have expanded to meeting with two groups of students. The first group is our original Circle of Men group who have been doing excellent academically and sustaining their grades at passing levels. Our 2nd group is a bilingual group who has been very dedicated to expand their learning, gain new opportunities, and recognize that regardless of what native country they come from MBK Houston is here to support them in every step of the way.

We are always seeking for guest speakers and mentors to join our discussions to share some experiential knowledge and wisdom about best practices in life.

Please contact Francisco Garcia at to check availability to be a featured guest speaker.

Logo Design: Robert Schell, Web Master & Graphic Designer

Photo Courtesy: Frank Garcia, Community Involvement Coordinator

Peer-Mentors Needed at Crossroads High School

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Cool Tutors Needed

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College Night and Parent Night at Sam Houston High School

Photo Courtesy: Kesha McNeil, Community Involvement Coordinator

College Resource Day at Wheatley High School

On Friday, November 30, 2018, we hosted a College Resource Day at Wheatley High School where about 120 juniors learned from UHD students about organizational skills and post-secondary options to consider after graduating high school.

Photo Courtesy: Kesha McNeil, Community Involvement Coordinator

YABC Acres Homes: Leadership Training

Young Adults Building Communities (YABC)

The YABC Acres Homes leadership training has started and is in full motion. The training is being held every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 p to 8:00 pm for the next 4 weeks (except the Holiday and New years break) at the Galilee Baptist Missionary Church located at 6616 D S Bailey Ln, Houston, TX 77091. Multiple topics will be covered from developing a strategic project, Gov 101, Social Determinants of Health, Grant writing, and a community tour to further learn and expand on the history and accomplishments in Acres Homes. Participants will be able to submit their proposal for their projects to qualify in receiving a $1,500 grant towards the implementation of their project. We will also have guest speakers from the community to share their wisdom, knowledge, and best practices to building community engagement in the Acres Home community.

The YABC leadership training will also conduct a second cohort at the start of the 2019 year, if you would like to participate please contact Francisco Garcia at

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Bank of America: Paid Internship & Leadership Summit

Bank of America’s Student Leaders program gives high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to receive a paid internship at a local nonprofit for 8 weeks as well as attend a week-long leadership summit in Washington D.C.! Please share this opportunity widely with your high school youth!

Student Leaders® recognizes those who lead and serve in their own communities and beyond. Bank of America will connect Student Leaders to tools and resources that will help them make communities better.

As a Student Leader, you will:

  • Work as a paid intern at a local nonprofit for eight weeks
  • Attend the week-long Student Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C.
  • Develop leadership and career skills
  • Connect with like-minded students from your own community and across the country

If you or someone you know have a passion for improving the community, click here to see where the Student Leaders Program operates and learn more about our eligibility criteria. The 2019 Student Leaders application period will be open from November 11, 2018 — February 1, 2019.

-->Download the Full Flyer

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Student Leaders Apply Here

Juniors and Seniors: Apply from November 11, 2018 to February 1, 2019

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Team Up Houston Updates

On October 30, 2018 Team Up For Houston Youth launched is first discovery day at Sam Houston High School with the Harris County- Houston Sport Authority. Holly Kesterson (Events Manager) & Kaelum Messer (Volunteer & Intern Manager) for the Sport Authority talked about their individual backgrounds and how they have leveraged the education and experiences in the world of sports. For our first session we had 60 Junior and Senior to attend and they will be participating in several projects throughout the year which includes the development of the BMX stadium for the World Championship that will be hosted in Houston in 2020.

We have another Team UP partner!!!

We met with the Houston Dynamo/Dash to present the Team Up program and they have agreed to join the network. We are anticipating to launch the Houston Dynamo/Dash partnership in January 2019. Currently we are in the process of determining one of the three schools (Gulfton HS, Lamar HS, or Mickey Leland College Prep) that we will be pairing the organization with. The Dynamo/Dash has also agreed to be a part of the Mayor’s Hire Houston Youth Program (Thank you Brandon Denton for confirming!) They also have current vacancies in sales, guest services, and communication in which youth 16+ can apply for (this helps support Milestone 5 goals!)

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Team Up Discovery Day: Fleet Feet

On November 9, 2018, the Team Up group from Urban Enrichment Institute visited the Houston Marathon-Running Club "Fleet Feet".

Photos Courtesy: Ally Walker, Houston Marathon Committee & Jericho Leftwich, MBK Houston

Team Up Discovery Day: Sugar Land Skeeters President Visit

On November 28, 2018, President of Sugar Land Skeeters Jay Miller visited Scarborough High School to share his stories and successes that helped to prepare him for his career. He emphasized with our students about the importance of being passionate about the work you choose to do and that hard work never fails.

Photo Courtesy: Christine Barron, Marketing & Communication Specialist

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We Are Houston 5k

Saturday, Jan. 19th 2019 at 6am

McKinney and Crawford

Presented by Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco


We Are Houston 5K

Start at McKinney & Crawford
6 a.m. 5K Race Day Packet Pick-Up Opens
8 a.m. Start

Come out to show support for our TeamUp participants!

Workforce Development & Career Education Lunch and Learn

MBK Houston conducted a "Workforce development and Career Education Lunch and Learn - Denver Harbor HISD Right on Time Grad students" in collaboration with JUMA Ventures and Workforce Solutions to share information on employment opportunities currently available and understanding the career opportunities growing in the Houston area. Over two dozen students were able to attain knowledge on the necessary requirements to reach their career goals and the expected salary earning if they would obtain a degree or certification. We will continue to host the Lunch and Learn seminars at other locations in collaboration with HISD Right on Time students to support our Milestone 4 and 5 goals.

Photo Courtesy: Kesha McNeil and Frank Garcia, Community Involvement Coordinators
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The Astrodome Office of Workforce Solutions is working various companies to fill positions immediately. There will be high number of candidates. Reply NOW with your Resume in “MICROSOFT WORD OR PDF” format. Also be sure to be fully registered in

Maintenance Tech & National Field Installer Positions

Pay Rate:

Maintenance Techs: $15.00 - $21.00/ Hr.

National Field Installer: $15.00 -$21.00/ Hr.

Maintenance Technicians & National Field Installer.

  • Candidates must maintain a valid driver’s license; to drive to work sites with company vehicle.
  • Willing to travel within the Houston Gulf Coast Area.
  • Maintenance Techs. Must have their HVAC License & salary is between 15.00 -21.00 an hour.
  • National Field Installer will be setting up rental equipment/large tents. Pay is 15.00 -21.00 an hour.
  • Company vehicle provided with a Per Diem
  • Candidates will be drug screened & must be able to pass a background check.


Corry A. Worrell


Workforce Solutions – Astrodome

9315 Stella Link, Houston, TX, 77025

TEL 713.661.3220 EXT 1018 FAX 1.713.266.2495

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Stop the Violence/Read to Lead Display

This 5 panel artwork created by the students at HYPE Freedom School during Summer 2018 session has been set up for display and will be rotated at various libraries and multi-service centers in Houston. It is currently on showcase at Carnegie Neighborhood Library Center for Learning. Thank you Houston Public Library welcoming our display and celebrating online!

Photo Courtesy: Denis Rodriguez and Mary Wagoner
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ReDirect Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving activities were planned for the young men in our ReDirect program. Monday was movie day featuring Black Panther, Tuesday was the Garden and Thanksgiving Dinner, and Wednesday was a field trip to the Graffiti Park.

Peacekeepers Movement: Book Your SB 30 Training Today

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Contact Willis Robinson at to book a training for your organization or school to learn more about how we can increase the peace in our communities and during traffic stops.

Win-Win at Wheatley High School

On November 8, 2018 we held our Win-Win program at Wheatley High School for over 150 students. We invited law enforcement representatives and peace officers to help facilitate breakout sessions after students watched a shortened video covering 10 Rules of Safety. Each of the 8 groups were able to discuss these rules and learn the recommended actions to take when involved in a traffic stop or interaction. We would like to thank all of our partners for helping to make this event a success and look forward to future successful sessions for the during the remainder of the school year.

Special shoutouts to our Win-Win organizers Omowale Allen, Willis Robinson and Jacqueline Potter!

November Holiday Networking Event

November Holiday Networking Event took place on November 28, 2018 at the McCormick and Schmick Restaurant and was hosted by the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives – Houston Texas Chapter. The purpose of this effort was to get to know law enforcement professionals in the Houston area and assist in building local chapter membership to become involved in the community engagement/service mission.

Our criminal justice consultant Jacqueline Potter attended the event and was acknowledged for being most engaged in the community, despite being a retired police officer. Her effort in organizing the Win-Win Program at Wheatley High School was recognized. She was given the floor for a quick speech in which she took the opportunity to make special thanks to those who have helped in her endeavors.

-->Some footage of the event is currently under production. Please check out our YouTube Channel within the week to see the completed video!

Upcoming Events

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Clifton Middle School Food Pantry (Every Monday)

Monday, Dec. 10th, 3-5pm

Clifton Middle School

Clifton Middle School has been distributing food to over 100 families on a weekly basis. The pantry has been led by the students and are continuing to service the community every Monday from 3p to 6p. It's open to the community and volunteers are always welcomed!
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Shared Community Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 11th, 4-5pm

9896 Bissonet Street Suite 625

Come visit our MBK Houston table to support mentorship and other opportunities in Alief!

December MBK Alliance Online Town Hall

Wednesday, Dec. 12th, 1pm

This is an online event.

The top request from participants in our previous Town Halls was for us to delve deeper into solutions to reduce youth violence. Our December Town Hall lineup will do just that.

We're honored to feature former Secretary of Education and MBK Alliance Advisory Council Member Arne Duncan. The conversation with Secretary Duncan will focus on his personal mission to stop gun violence in Chicago.

-->Register Here

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Food Pantry Distribution at McWilliams Middle School

Wednesday, Dec. 12th, 9-11am

6100 Knox St, Houston, TX 77091

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20th Bi-Annual Fall Community Reentry Network Program (CRNP) 2018 Graduation

Thursday, Dec. 13th, 1-4pm

4802 Lockwood Drive

Houston, TX

Please RSVP by December 4, 2018


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Red Carpet Readers Presented by Clemente Martinez

Thursday, Dec. 13th, 4pm

Clemente Martinez Elementary

RSVP to Dr. Hickman at 713.224.1424
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Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's 23rd Annual Toys For Kids

Saturday, Dec. 15th, 10am-2pm

1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston, Texas 77010

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Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon

Saturday, Jan. 19th 2019 at 5am to Sunday, Jan. 20th 2019 at 5pm

Downtown, Houston

Big picture

Mental Health America's 2019 Annual Conference

Saturday, June 1st 2019 at 12-2pm

Washington, DC, USA

Washington, DC

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