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Mrs. D Rios, Library Media Specialist

Parts of a book

Students were eager to start visiting the library this year and getting started with fun activities and lessons the library has for them. Students began the semester learning the parts of a book with a fun game of memory. They each took turns matching the cards and explaining to each other why the pair of cards was correct or incorrect.


This year, the library got a new Chromebook cart! Students were very excited to use them and try them out. Students used the Chromebooks to use KAHOOT. KAHOOT is a fun and engaging platform where students can learn on any subject using an electronic device. This year we had our introduction to the library rules using KAHOOT. Students got to answer questions individually on the Chromebook. Each student would read the question on their own and only had 20 seconds to answer.

Battle of the Books team 2019-2020

Meet this year's Battle of the Books team! This team is looking great and are very excited to be part of this amazing experience! These young ladies and gentleman are all fifth graders and are excellent readers. This is their first year in the team and are very eager to compete. They have shown a tremendous amount of dedication to their reading and team. Congratulations Brianna, Brittany, Yahindee, and Danilo!
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MackinVIA is an eResource available for our teachers and students. It consists of ebooks, databases, and much more. Everyone got a chance to try out MackinVIA at the library. Students were shown how to checkout ebooks, how to go into Brain Pop, National Geographic kids, and they were able to explore through it on their own. Teachers also learned about the different databases it has and how to use them for instruction in their classroom.

Elmer by David McKee

Our favorite read aloud has been the book Elmer by David McKee. We read this book during anti-bullying week. This story is about an elephant who looks different than the other elephants and learns that not everyone will look the same. At the end, Elmer accepts himself just the way he is. We enjoyed this story because it encourages students to accept others for who they are and most importantly to love themselves just the way they are. At the end students colored their own Elmer and used it as a book mark for their library book.

What Makes me Special

October 21st- 25th was Anti-Bullying Week. Students got to read an article on MackinVia titled "Be UPSTANDING: Learn what bullying is and what to do about it" and had an open discussion about the article. Students came up with a lot of different ways to stand up to bullying and how to make others feel special. Students also worked on a flyer and had to write about something that made them special.
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Creepy Carrots STEM activity

One of our favorite Halloween read aloud is Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds. After we read the story together, we worked on a STEM activity where students had to collaborate by constructing a fence around a patch of creepy carrots only using cloth-pins and craft sticks. Students came up with unique ideas and had a great time using their engineering skills.
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Every Thursday at 3 p.m. the Robotics Team meets at the library...Coached by Mrs. D Rios & Mr. E Perez

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