South Oaks School

February 2021

I Love to Read Month - 2021

Reading has emerged as a very important activity during the pandemic. As we spend more time at home these days, reading is the perfect activity to keep our brains active and reduce our screen time, etc. It can also contribute to our wellness as reading distracts us from our stressors and can take us to wonderful places. So, I Love to Read month is especially relevant during the pandemic.

Our school is very focused on learning during COVID, right now. Many students have lost academic ground over the past year, so we feel strongly that our role in Literacy is to teach students the technical aspects of acquiring Literacy, to help them catch up as much as possible. Teaching children to read and write can be a very complex task, so we would like our teachers to focus on this when students are with them.

As a result, the school will continue working hard on teaching students during COVID and we ask parents to facilitate some "reading fun" with their children as they practice their reading at home during February. To help facilitate the practice at home, we will provide parents with "Read at Home Bingo". See below for an example of the game card. We will also send a paper copy home with each student on Jan. 28 and ask parents to encourage their children to do as much reading as possible and fill in the Bingo card spaces as tasks are completed. The class that has the most "blackouts" will win a special surprise treat for their whole class (COVID safe, of course).

If we work together, we can provide expert Literacy instruction at school and also have some fun reading at home this February. Thanks for your partnership in Literacy learning!

Dale Martens

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Dates to Remember

Feb. 1 and 2 : Winter Fun Days (in regular PE classes)

Feb. 5: Admin/PD Day - No classes

Feb. 12: Valentine's Day - In class activities only. No Valentine cards from home, please.

Feb. 15: Louis Riel Day - No classes

Feb. 25: Due date for Chocolate Fundraising orders

Feb. 26 - Admin Day - no school

Valentine's Day

Hanover School Division has decided that we will not allow any Valentine's cards to come from home this year. Students may make cards at school to share within their class/cohort, but we're trying to eliminate items coming from home to be distributed on a large scale. Thanks for understanding why we need to make this request.

Chocolate Fundraiser

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we are planning a safe Chocolate Fundraiser to generate funds for our upcoming Digital Learning Center. See below for the layout of the new space! We would love to open this new space for students in September 2021, if we are able to raise the necessary funds.

So, how will this fundraising project work? Since we can't distribute chocolates like we usually do, we will only sell chocolates by the complete sealed case. This ensures that the product is safe for everyone as it will not be opened until it is at your home. Parents pre-order and pre-pay for each case of chocolate they want to buy, at a cost of $90.00 per case. The school will receive $45.00 for each case of chocolate sold. The school then orders the chocolate and will let parents know when they are ready to be picked up. We will arrange for safe curbside pickups to get the chocolates to you as soon as possible.

Each case contains an delicious selection of chocolate products including:

12 Continental Almonds
6 Milk Chocolate & Almond Bars
3 Pure Milk Chocolate Bars
3 Caramel Bars
2 Caramel Whirls

4 Mint Melt-aways

See the image above for an example of what a case will look like.

If you are willing to preorder a case (or cases) of chocolate to support our new Digital Learning Center (and provide some treats for your family), please enter your order on this simple survey by Feb. 25. You can order as much or as often as you wish! We do recommend that you don't sell chocolates door to door due to COVID.

We will keep track of your total order for you. The student/family that supports this project the most will receive a new Chromebook for them to enjoy at home. The model is an Asus Chromebook Flip C214M. If we have families that are tied for the top place, all those who are tied will be entered in a draw for the Chromebook. We thank you in advance for your generosity and support of this project!

Digital Learning Center - Layout

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Child Health Clinics

Please take note, the Child Health Clinics with public health nurse, Yvonne Hiebert, are on hold for now. Public Health is focusing on the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine for the next while. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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