Local headlines

Welcome to the world!

We have two newborn babies this week! Please welcome to the world Mikah, son of Elisa and Michael Shian. Also welcome to John, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Marco.

Local Weather Forcast

Monday- 20 degrees Celsius, partially cloudy

Tuesday- 20 degrees Celsius, full sun

Wednesday- 15 degrees Celsius, slight chances of rain

Thursday- 21 degrees Celsius, mostly sunny

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School News

Class in the temple on Tuesday has been cancelled due to a local market. Please notify everyone in the area.

Community in Shock

We have heard many odd things about a local man named Jesus Bar Joseph. We have had sightings of miracles such as multiplying food, healing the blind, and curing the sick. If a man had these sort of abilities we would expect him to be high in power right? Well we were wrong. A local writer was following the man one day and discovered him to be poor and, shockingly, humble. There was a stoning in town the other day when a woman was found committing adultery. Jesus, stumbling across this scene, told everyone to stop. He told the crowd that the person with no sins can throw the first stone. Of course no one could throw. My question is who is this man and what makes him so much better than the rest of us?

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One of our local families, the Kians, lost their home this past week due to a storm. We are asking the community to come together in faith to restore their home. We will need women to help cook and care for the children of the volunteers. More so we need men to work in the construction of the home. We have already contacted the local Temple, and are expecting all members to volunteer. If you have any questions please notify our local news group.

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Local man shocks community with great vocal talent

Last Sabbath the community was completely shocked by the amazing voice of a local man named Chester Simmons. We linked a video below
Me Singing at Temple for High Holy Days

Fashion Update

New sandals at the market yesterday were COMPLETELY sold out. We have never had this happen before, so everyone is quite happy. These new sandals not only protect your feet, but also put a little bit of fashion into your everyday life too. More are being made and will be at the market this week. The sooner you are there the more chances you have at getting a pair!