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January Newsletter

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Can it seriously be Feb already?

Wowzers! I cannot believe that January is already over! Wasn't New Year's just yesterday?

I just want to send this month's newsletter with a little extra love. Not only is it GIVES month in the Thirty-One world, but because its Valentines day this month- and we are all truly better together! I would not be half as blessed if it wasn't for being able to work with you awesome ladies & gents every day- so thank YOU for allowing me to be your partner in crime!

We just launched the Spring catalog on the 1st (who is loving the new products!) so I want to make sure that I am serving YOU as best that I can this spring. Whatever you need, please feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to help you book, sell and recruit to your goals and hearts content! Or even just to lend an ear and a cup of coffee :)

I am so excited for this upcoming season, I know a lot of you have BIG dreams- and I can't wait to cheer when you achieve them!

XO Kels

Have You Checked Out How Much Money You Can Make?

There's a new video on TOT ( that highlights how much you can make in your Thirty-One business. The sky is the limit!

So whether your goal is some extra gas in your car, to pay for school, or a full time income- be sure to check it out!

Other Important News

- Website subscriptions will go up to $14.95 per month. This includes your website, and your automatic email & contact management that home office does for you. If you are a new consultant, yours is free for your first 3 months. (It is totally optional).

- New Consultants who join after March 1st 2016 will no longer get free website access. It will be earned in their New Consultant Startswell program.

- Monthly Special flyers will no longer be included in the boxes of orders. Instead home office has added them to the bottom of emails when a customer places an order!

- February is GIVES month! What are you doing to give back in your local community?

Welcome To The Team!

A Warm Welcome to our New Consultants who joined us since last month!

-Jamie Macek, Stonington CT

-Xavier Day, Groton CT

-Felicia Rolon, Old Saybrook CT

-Samantha Barrett, Groton CT

-Margo Haupt, Groton CT

Jan Team Stats!

Top in Sales

-Cherish Sheehan $1437

-Lesley Jones $444

-Xavier Day $385

Who Partied?

-Lesley Jones

-Xavier Day

-Cherish Sheehan

-Kristen Wadecki

-Ashley Johnson

Who placed an order?

-Jennifer Peterson

-Samantha Barrett

-Graci Kriss

-Jamie Macek

Top Dream Builders

- none :(

Startswell Earners

- Xavier Day level 1!

Sold their first $1,000!

- none :(

Consultant Corner

Xavier Day

Joined: 1/18/2016

31 Why: "Why did I join three years later? 2016 is the year I step outside my comfort zone and try new and inventive ideas and after always being the guy who buys, why not reach new goals by challenging myself to sell sell sell! Also, by joining I am encouraging myself to meet new people, network, and create business and personal bonds with people who will benefit from what ThirtyOne has to offer, just like I did."

His Goals: To meet all of his Startswells, host 3-5 parties a month, hostess coach each hostess, recruit 2-3 in his first 120 days, and do weekly videos in his group Toast2Totes.

Fav 31 product: Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote. "I never leave home without one!"

Best Business Tip: "To be successful in any career, job, hobby, or life skill and qualification- you have to not only be knowledgable, and willing to step outside comfort zones, but you have to be passionate. Passion is what will drive your business to the next level because you believe in yourself and others, therefor others believe in you- and in turn themselves. 'You can teach selling techniques, but you can't teach passion and charisma.' "

Fun Fact about him: "Before Joining Thirty-One I was the 'guy' who could count on to buy something for his mother or family and now I am that same 'GUY' selling it to women, kids, and MEN."

Over Coming Objections to Book your Spring Strong!

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Booking a full calendar can be hard work! But learning to overcome objections will make your time more fulfilled and help your efforts go farther!

We all hear a lot of the above objections in this business, but using the "feel-felt-found" approach we can get to the heart of his/her problem and be better able to serve them!

Overcoming objections is also a great skill to know if you are looking to grow your team.

If you want to learn more about overcoming objections, check out TOT, and the flyer that they have for you to use to book your season strong!

Our Next Better Together Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 6-8pm

121 Peters Drive

Groton, CT

My home office sponsored meeting, will be on Tuesday the 23rd at my house! If you did not register on TOT (I know many of you joined AFTER the deadline) please let me know that you are attending & if you are brining a guest so I know if I have enough materials.

I will provide light snacks, feel free to bring your own as well. We ask that no children attend, as some people this is their "mommy" or "daddy" night out.

Guests are encouraged!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Director Stats

Personal Volume (PV): $1727

Parties: 4

Recruits: 4

Team Sales: $4,927

Downline Sales: $13,944