Real Life Exponential Growth

The Exponential Growth of Smartphones in the U.S.


We can all agree that we love our phones & many of us can even say that we're addicted to them. So, for my presentation, I'm going to be discussing the huge exponential growth the smartphone industry has taken on.

Background Information;

In 2007, the first generation of the iPhone was introduced. Three years after its release, Google released it's new open source operating system (OS), Android.

By 2013, 30% of the global 5.2 billion phone users had smartphones.

As of May 2014, 25% of global web views are accessed via smartphones. Research has shown that the average person checks their phone an average of 150 times per day.

The reason behind the rise of smartphones has solely to do with the fact that people have warmed up to the idea of technology as a whole.

Guaranteed to make you think about math!

Exponential Growth of Smartphones - Graph

In this graph, Apple & Android compare number of smartphone users each year in millions. This is exponential because we are able to see the rise of millions of people per year.