Humid Subtropical

By: Amy Cooper

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The Humid Subtropical climate is usually located on the eastern sides of the continents, between 20 and 40 degrees north and south of the equator. Florida has a Humid Subtropical climate. North America, South America, Africa, and Australia, all have large portions of this climate.

Yearly Precipitation

Most Humid Subtropical climates receive about 48 inches of rain each year. It rains throughout the year, no matter what season. And because of the usually hot weather, the air is always very humid, and they receive lots of precipitation. Humid Subtropical climates often have big storms such as tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Seasons and Temperature

In these areas, they only have two seasons, which are summer and winter. The temperature is usually high, except it cools down in the winter season. Above 70 degrees is usually an average temperature throughout the year, and the coldest month will be about 45-50 degrees. The temperature is affected by how close it is to the equator.