Mr. D's Class Update: Sept. 15th

2015-2016 Grade 3

Here's What's Happening in Room 208

Writing--Students have chosen a piece to publish and are now working on revisions and editing. They have been working on strong transition words and ending their stories with feeling. We will be celebrating our writing next Monday with some other grade 3 classes.

Math--It is time to switch gears. We have started our new Eureka math program tomorrow. The focus of this unit will be on developing place value through explorations of measurement of time and weight. Estimation and rounding will be also play a big role in students' ability to test the reasonableness of their answers. Eureka is vocabulary heavy. Students can practice online and with the Quizlet app, or find the vocabulary set at

Reading--Students have been reading their first "buddy book" and sharing about characters. Soon we will be reading more nonfiction which ties into our upcoming writing unit.

Social Studies--Students learned who their travelling teams are chosen their roles: Team Leader, Botanist, Zoologist, Ecologist, and Greedy Business Person. Soon the class will be looking more closely at ecosystems, making dioramas and learning about how to take an active role in helping our planet.


MAP testing-- On Tuesday (Sep. 22nd) and Thursday (Sep. 24th) students will be sitting in on the schools' MAP test. For many this is the first time taking standardized test. Please make sure that they are well rested with a good breakfast on these days.

FIELD TRIP to the Snake Farm--Please get your child's Snake Farm permission form to me as soon as possible and a reminder to anyone else that wants to come, you can drive yourself down and meet us at the Snake Farm, located at the Queen Saovabhan Memorial Institute near Lumphini park.

Upcoming Events

Sep. 17th-18th: NO SCHOOL

Sep. 21st: ES After School Activities Begin

Sep. 22nd and 24th: Mr. Dobrowski's class takes the MAP tests.

Sept. 23rd: Mr. Dobrowski's class goes to the snake farm .

Oct: 1st & 2nd:Parent-Teacher Conferences NO SCHOOL