Arabic 1 Newsletter Lesson 3

LESSON3: Seen, Sheen, Saad, Daad, Taa, Dhaa الدرس الثالث

News for Students/Parents/Guardians/ELA's:

Tomorrow. Thursday 9/10 at 8:30pm, we will host our Arabic Culture Cafe where all students, parents, guardians & ELAs are invited to attend and learn about some fascinating Arabic "Faces from Ancient History" in the field of medicine, science, discovery, astronomy, math etc.. See link below!

This week in ِArabic 1 (week 4), we will be starting lesson 3. Two weeks ago, we had started Conversation coaching Sessions! Remember that students are required to attend coaching sessions during their scheduled time. It's 20% of their grade. Coaching sessions are twice a week for 45 minutes per session. Students are required to make up any missed sessions. Many of the students did an AWESOME job attending both coaching sessions. Their coaches and I are amazed of their progress in writing from right to left!

This week in lesson 3: we are learning the next 6 letters in Arabic " Seen, Sheen, Saad, Daad, Taa, Dhaa ". In the "Culture Corner" of this lesson, students will learn about the influence of Arab mathematicians and scientists (Al-Khwarizmi) on our current civilization. There are also assignments that will be due for this lesson. These assignments needs to be submitted by the due date listed on the calendar.

Parents/Guardians/ELA's: Grades will be submitted to the schools next Tuesday for their 2nd progress report. Students can make up their missed assignments. All current and past due assignments must be submitted before then to be included on the progress report. Please be on the look out for that. If you would like a copy of the progress report, please email me the student's FIRST and LAST name.

Click HERE: Lesson 3 Vocabulary and Conversation Video

Click to learn how to read & write the letters and new vocabulary words in this lesson. You NEED to watch this video before you do any assignments in this lesson.

Lesson 3 Objectives: أهداف تعليم الدرس الثالث

  • In the "Culture Corner" of this lesson, students will learn about the influence of Arab mathematicians and scientists (Al-Khwarizmi) on our current civilization.
  • How to read, write, pronounce and recognize six Arabic letters: س = Seen - ش = Sheen - ص = Saad – ض = Daad - ط = Taa – ظ = Dhaa
  • How to identify the different shapes of these 6 letters in their different positions in a word.
  • How to use the personal pronouns I, he, & she (أنا - هو- هي)
  • You will also watch 2 videos:
  • 1) How to write 6 new Arabic letters,
  • 2) How to use the 3 personal pronouns (I, he, she) and say them in Arabic.
  • How to use common words of praise.
Click HERE: Lesson 3 Grammar Video

Click to learn how to use personal pronouns (I, he, she) and other grammatical concepts introduced in this lesson. You NEED to watch this video before you do any assignments in this lesson.

What assignments are due by the end of the week?

  • L. 3 Assignment 3.1: Arabic Scientists - Discussion Board
  • L. 3 Assignment 3.2: Coaching Session
  • L. 3 Assignment 3.3: Comprehension
  • L. 3 Assignment 3.4: Writing
  • L. 3 Lesson 3 Quiz
  • Contact your teacher (Ostatha Easton) at least once this week either by BBIM, text or phone.

** What assignments are PAST DUE ?**

Lesson 2

  • Assignment 2.1 (Greeting Custom- Discussion Board)
  • Assignment 2.2 (Coaching Session)
  • Assignment 2.3 ( comprehension)
  • Assignment 2.4 ( Listening & Dictation)
  • End of Lesson 2 Quiz – Writing & Speaking )
Lesson 1
  • Assignment 1.1: Writing
  • Assignment 1.2: ِAttending TWO Coaching Sessions for the week
  • Assignment 1.3: Listening & Speaking
  • Lesson 1 Quiz (Due by due date on course calendar)
Getting Started Module
  • Respond to your teacher’s “Welcome Email” by clicking on Messages tab in the navigation bar (graded assignment)
  • Getting Acquainted (Discussion Board)
  • How do you learn ( LinguaFolio )
  • Academic Integrity Quiz
  • Culture Corner Assignment: Fun Fact Quiz
Arabic 1 Due Date Calendar: PRINT

**You should print out a copy of this document and use as a check-off list to ensure that you complete everything, thoroughly, and on time. This is only a schedule of the assignments that you are to complete.


Your Grades and My Comments:
To find my feedback that I left for your graded assignments, go to your grades, look at your grades and find the BLUE COMMENT icon. Click on that icon, to view feedback for your grades.

CLICK HERE: To play memory game with Arabic alphabet

Click: START to begin playing. HAVE FUN!!

Coaching Trouble? Here are some hints and tips.

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الأستاذة إكرام إيستون (Ostatha Ikram Easton)

Students you guys did great on lesson 2!! Nice work! Remember: Parents/Guardians/ELA, if you need a progress report, please EMAIL ME. If you have questions please TEXT or EMAIL me (anytime). Thank you parents/guaridan/ELA's for your help and support in making your child's experience learning Arabic very enjoyable!! Have a wonderful rest of the week !