salt industry

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Ways people still do like Onondaga Nation with the salt industry

Salt harvesting in Tuticorin, India

How they got the salt from water

Workers had to boil the brine (salty water) until the salt was on top on the water.Later they found you can evaporate the water from the brine and leave the salt. The picture was found by this hyper link.

How they got salt.

They got brine from springs around southern end of Onondaga Lake also, from former brine wells dug and drilled at the lakes edge.some of the wells tapped halite (common salt) beds near Tully Vally .Link to the picture.

How they got the salt springs

The salt springs extended around much of Onondaga Lake, originating in the town of Salina and passing through Geddes and Liverpool to the mouth of Ninemile Creek, a distance of almost nine