(Priscilla Annan) ( Mrs.Swierczek)

Career:Pediatricans Career Cluster:Health Science

Personal strengths

  • Why did you choose this career?
I choose this career because, I love to help kids out.

  • What personal skills, talents and personality characteristics do you have that will be needed in this career? Example:Strong Math skills,Artistic Organized etc.
Active listening, Problem Sensitivity.

Education and Training

  • Does this job require special training, a college degree (Associates Degree=2 years, Bachelor's Degree=4 years) or graduate school ( a Master's degree or Ph.D. )?
Associates degree=2 years.

  • What school subjects are most important for this job?
Therapy and Counseling.

Work Environment

  • What would it be like to work at this job?
making decision and solving problems.

  • will you work in an office or outdoors?

work in a office.

  • Will you stay in one place or travel for your job?

stay in one place.

  • Will this job be stressful? Why or why not?

yes because some little kids will not understand what I am saying.

  • Will you work with people, animals or technology?

I will you be working with people and technology.

  • Will you work Monday through Friday or will your schedule be different every week?

Monday through Friday.


  • How much money will you make at this job?


  • Will you be paid an annual salary (a set amount of money paid for the year)?

yes I will be paid an annual salary.

  • Will you be paid hourly wage (an amount paid for every hour you work)


Job Outlook

  • What does the future looks like for this career?

The future for this career looks good.

  • Will there be plenty of jobs available in 2023?

yes there will be plenty of jobs in 2024.

  • Will there be opportunities for a promotion?

there are no opportunities for promotion once your a doctor.

  • Are you still interested in pursuing this career after completing your research?

yes I am still interested in pursuing this career.