evidence for evolution


  • fossils provide the only direct evidence of evolution
  • the discovery of fossils showing forms of animals that have never previously been seen began to cast serious doubt upon creationist theories

anatomist evidence

  • evolution is true because humans, cats and bats all have a joint simalar to the human elbow.
  • humans, cats, whales, and bats have meta carpal bones.
  • many animals also have carpal bones
  • many animals also have humerus bones

mlecular biologist

  • embryos of certain species develope almost identical, especially in early stages. some species are the same and some are different
  • species have arisen by decent and modification from more ancient forms. some species such as the fly has not had any physical change, but the monkey has identical change in feature.


Scientists suggest that all 23 huneycreeper species apparently arose from a single species that migrated to Hawaii.