Use Python for Your Next Project!

Powerful, extensible, efficient, beautiful

About Python:

Python is an incredibly powerful high level programming language. “High level” means that it is much closer to human language than it is to machine language, and it has features like automatically instructing the computer how to most efficiently use it’s hardware. It has a wide variety of application domains, meaning there are many areas in software where it is useful. Tel, Perl, Ruby, Scheme, and Java are other programming languages that are similar to Python.

Why use Python?

  • Clear and readable structure.
  • Programs can easily be made to inspect their own code.
  • Easy to represent concepts as "objects" that have data fields and associated procedures in your code.
  • Code written in Python is expressed in a natural order.
  • Python's basic features can be very easily extended with “modules”.
  • Extremely clear and concise error handling that directly targets incorrect code.
  • When giving variables values, (like assigning “hello” to the variable a) Python automatically knows that “hello” is a word, without explicitly stating it.
  • Extensions for Python can easily be written in other languages to gain the unique advantages that may come with those languages.
  • It can be put inside software that is written in another language to do certain automated tasks within that software.
Python is also useful because it is a powerful language. It can be used to solve many practical programming problems, like setting up a web server. It also has a highly optimized translator from human readable code to the language of computers, that makes it very fast and efficient.

Python also plays extremely well with other languages, and can easily be extended by or included in other language modules. And finally, it runs on all of the worlds most common operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and is freely usable in any project without any fees or copyright concerns.