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Chimpanzee is a common name for this animal . Pan troglodytes is the scientific name for a chimpanzee . The is about 300,000 chimpanzees in the world .

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Face are pinkish or black & the apes bodies are covered with long black hair . Chimps lack a tail . Chimpanzees use there feet when they get down to walk like humans . There hands help it climb trees and swing on the trees to go some where . Chimpanzees climb using both hands and feet but mouses ran and walk using both .

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Chimpanzees may be seen in different countries from the western & central Africa . Chimpanzees hang around in the in many regions from the tropical & human rainforest . Chimpanzees fold over branches to provide them with safe platform so they can sleep well at night .

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Chimpanzees like to eat meat fruits , nuts , seeds ,& insect . Baby chipanzees ocationaly hunt for food . Chimpanzees are eaten by leopards , snakes , & humans .

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Offspring ( baby facts )

A Chimpanzee mom usually has babies once every five or six years . The chimpanzee mom usually has the baby in the stomake for 8 to 9 months . Female chimpanzees usually have 1 baby . Baby chimpanzees are called chimps & only baby chimpanzees are called chimps . Chimpanzee mothers stay with there babies for10 years .

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Facts about Chompanzees

* They share 95% of our DNA .

* Chimpanzees are 6-7 times stronger than a normal human .

* The skin of a chimpanzee gets darker as it gets older .

* Chimpanzees are aware of the medical values of plants .

* Chimpanzees can also walk on two legs .

* Baby chimpanzees have white tail stuff .

* Baby chimpanzees are very dependent on there mothers .

* They can be infected with the same disease as humans .

* Chimpanzees also know how to use tools .

* They can exhibit altruist behavior .

Rap Up ( final thoughts ! )

The population of chimpanzees decreased because there homes got destroyed . Another reason to why the population of chimpanzees is because people started to chance them for entertainment or for expirements .

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