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Giving Thanks

Unlocking the Future Today

The legos in the background limn the collective potential of our work in SUSD. In our individual ways, each of us moves within our spheres of influence so that our synergistic collaboration erects a structure that stands firm now and in years to come. Thus, I am grateful for each SUSD member who commits his or her daily work for touching the hearts and minds of our Soledad students today so that our students may build their strong futures.

Soledad Unified School District is dedicated to ensuring that all students will:

•demonstrate high levels of literacy in all academic fields,

•use effective thinking/organizational skills,

•show positive personal/civic responsibility,

•be independent and cooperative,

•appreciate diverse cultures,

•develop meaningful social relationships –

all to achieve their best and to be a source of pride for themselves, parents, community, and the world.

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