20/20 Vision

"The lens we choose transforms the way we look at things."

Back in January, I sent out the musing, Miracles from Molecules about creating greatness wherever you can find it. A concept that goes hand and hand with this is that you will find what you look for.

Similar to practicing gratitude, if you put on the lens of “I’m looking for what my children are doing right,” you will find a treasure trove of things (respectful, resilient, patient, kind, helpful, curious, empathetic, etc.) to lift up as evidence of their inherent greatness. Our children need to be told, in exquisite detail, the qualities that make them unique. And sometimes those qualities are hidden behind intense, not so positive behaviors that if channeled correctly will be of service in their future!

I know that my daughter will not let others take advantage of her because her stubbornness can (and has been shaped) into confidence and clarity of her authentic self. A child who is chatty is an innate communicator. Another who distracts others with their shenanigans is a leader. One who is emotional is also passionate. The first step to changing anything is to BELIEVE in the possibility. And are responsible to help your children do just that.

All that being said, shifting the lens you look through isn’t always easy to adopt. Especially when the struggles to juggle everything life throws at you overwhelm your practice of intentional noticing. Maybe you need to enlist some help with this task- write yourself a note and tape it to your refrigerator; assign each family member a person to observe and have them share their noticings at dinner; teach your family about NHA and enlist them to notice the great things that others are doing.

One of the benefits of looking for what children are doing right is that it really helps me to make it through the difficult days. I’m happier, my children are happier, and my relationships are stronger. Win-Win-Win!


Perspective is power

Where sweet can come from sour

You can see rain

or You can see a rainbow

You can see a roadblock

or You can find a new way to go

Which lens shapes your view?

Does it only see the bad or

Can it see the beautiful too?