Stoughton RN Team Newsletter

Fall 2019

Welcome back to school!

The SPS Nursing Team is excited to welcome all of our students and families back to school. We have two new nurses that joined our team this year; Theresa Staulo at the Hansen School and Noelia Woodward at the Jones School. We would like to offer some helpful tips for a successful school year.

Please make sure your school nurse has a copy of your child's most recent physical exam each year. Documentation of the physical exam is required for entry into school, to begin kindergarten, and in grades 1, 4, 7, and 11. In order a student to participate in competitive athletics, documentation of a physical exam is required yearly prior to participating.

All medications should be delivered to the school nurse by the parent. Medications given in school must be accompanied by doctors orders and parental consent. Please notify our school nurse of any medication changes or updates. Please see your school nurse for the documentation and with any questions.

If your child is ill please inform the school nurse of what type of illness (fever, strep, flu, rash, lice, stomach bug) so that any needed cleaning is performed and we can prevent the illness from spreading to the other kiddos in the school.

Elementary parents, if possible a spare set of clothing should be kept in your child's backpack in case of spills or accidents.

Our very best,

SPS Nursing Team

October is National Dental Hygiene month

Oral health consists of strong teeth and healthy gums! Please sign up to see your public health dental hygienist when they visit your school.

Dawe- Oct. 23rd

Gibbons-Oct. 29th

Hansen-Oct 22nd

Jones-Dec 12th

OMS- Nov. 15th

South- Oct 16th

Wilkins-Jan 14th and 15th

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Flu Clinic

Thursday, Oct. 24th, 3-5pm

232 Pearl Street

Stoughton, MA

The annual flu clinic will held at Stoughton High School. Receiving an annual flu vaccine is an effective way to reduce your risk of contracting the flu, with 5.3 million influenza illnesses prevented in 2016-2017.
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November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) can be mistaken for other illnesses like the flu or stomach bug. The SPS RN Team would like to bring awareness around these early warning signs to aid in early recognition of T1D. Contact your child's health care provider if you have any concerns so that blood sugar levels can be tested and T1D can be ruled out.

Early warning signs

  • frequent trips to the bathroom
  • excessive thirst
  • appearing thin, unexplained weight loss
  • lack of energy, easily tired
  • unusual irritability
  • rubbing eyes, difficulty seeing the board
  • difficulty paying attention


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OMS Food Pantry

This fall the O’Donnell Middle School is hoping to offer a supply of nutritious meals and snacks for children over the weekends, free of charge. If your family would benefit from this program please fill out a "Backpack Buddies" form, which can be found in the main office.

If you are interested in making a food donation to the O’Donnell Middle School Food Pantry please bring the food donation to the main office at the O’Donnell Middle anytime between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday. Donations will count as one of the 911 good deeds we are trying to perform as a school community.

If you are a local business and interested in making a donation please reach out to Hallie Burak, Assistant Principal, (781) 344-7002 or by email at

Please note, the Food Pantry cannot accept cash donations. Below is a list of the most requested donations:


Canned soup

Peanut butter

Macaroni and Cheese

Canned Corn or Vegetables

Canned fruit

Shelf stable milk


Canned chicken meat, Tuna or Spam

Cereal (individual boxes are great)

Animal crackers

Vegetable and olive oil

Canned Pork & Beans

Salad dressing

Grape jelly

Cake and brownie mixes

Pancake mix

Pancake or Maple syrup


Instant Mashed Potato

Ketchup, mustard & mayonnaise

Laundry detergent


Snack- potato chips, etc,

Paper towels


Pasta sauce


Toilet paper

Toiletries (shampoo, soap, lotions, etc.)


Granola bars

Pop tarts

Chef Boyardee


Raisins/dried fruit


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Tips for a Healthy School Day

Every day, make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast, including a protein. Protein helps students feel full longer so they are more able to focus in school. Some ideas are:
Eggs, fruit and toast,
Cereal, milk and fruit
Pancakes, nuts and fruit
Pack healthy snacks and lunch for students along with plenty of water.

Make sure your child gets plenty of SLEEP every night. Elementary school aged children need 9-11 hours of sleep EVERY night including weekends. Middle and High school aged students require 8-9 hours of sleep EVERY night including weekends. (National Sleep Foundation) Sleep rejuvenates the body and helps with healing.

Encourage your children to exercise every day. Regular exercise improves muscle strength, delivers oxygen and nutrients to your brain and body. It helps improve your ability to perform well during the day. It also reduces your risk of developing some illness.

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Vaping has been on the minds of many parents lately. As you may have read in the news, vaping among teens is on the rise throughout Massachusetts and across the country. With the recent incidents of vaping-related lung disease, (currently 1,080 nationwide), the SPS RN Team is encouraging parents to speak to their children regarding the serious risks of vaping, nicotine addiction, and vaping-related lung illnesses. While the incidence of vaping is concerning, according to the 2019 Stoughton Youth Health Survey, MOST SHS students report that they do not vape. Well done! Talking to your child is a key strategy to prevent vaping. According to the survey, SHS students who believed that their parents disapproved of vaping were nearly 3 times less likely to vape than their peers. We are hopeful that as a community we can decrease vaping use among our students through conversation, education, and cessation support. Please see the links below for more information.

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The Stoughton RN Team

Suzanne Barrett, BSN, RN, Stoughton High School~ 781-344-7001 ext 2131

Danielle Gallan, BSN, RN, Supervisor of Health Services~ 781-344-4000 ext 51264

Donna Kaplan, MEd, BSN, RN, South Elementary School~ 781-344-7004 ext 2

Sue McDonnell, BSN, RN, NCSN, O’Donnell Middle School~ 781-344-7002 ext 6162

Mary Quinn, MEd, BSN, RN, Gibbons Elementary School~ 781-344-7008 ext 2

Jennifer Slade, BSN, RN, Dawe Elementary School~ 781-344-7007 ext 2

Joanne Sousa, MEd, BSN, RN,Wilkins Elementary School~ 781-344-7005 ext 2

Theresa Staulo, BSN, RN, Hansen Elementary School~ 781-344-7006 ext 2

Noelia Woodward, BSN, RN, Jones Early Childhood Center~ 781-344-7003 ext 2