Course Update - Ricchezza

Physical Science B - Summer - June 23-27, 2014

Grades are updated

I have completed the grading for work turned in thru Sunday, June 22. As of when this flyer was written, all grades were up to date. I have completed and sent the progress reports for all students for the week. Students and parents, please check your grades, let me know if there are any problems, and turn in anything that is missing from the last two days.

News and Notes

  • We are getting close to the end. That might sound silly, since we just started, but summer school is a short session.
  • I am still online on Tuesdays at 11am for presentation of new material and on Thursdays at 10am for help. The Tuesday sessions are recorded and the recordings are available under "User Links" on the course homepage.
  • Also under User Links is a flyer giving you the chance to earn up to 10 points of extra credit on every unit test. So far, only one student has done any of this. Please take advantage of this and follow the instructions on the flyer carefully. I feel I'm being quite generous giving away that many points, so I'm not going to chase you down to get you to take them.
  • There is no school on Friday, July 4, for Independence Day. No assignments are due that day, and neither you nor I are expected to work.
  • Everyone must take the EOCT or the final - no exceptions, no exemptions. Which test you take is determined by your registration (which is partially based on what type of school you normally attend), and is not up to you to decide.
  • Anyone who takes the EOCT should be registered for that through their regular public school. The test is not administered by GaVS. We just plug in the grade when it comes to us. The test can pretty much be given at any time now thru the end of the semester (the schools set the date, not us, and not you) - I was just contacted by a parent whose child is taking the test this Friday, June 27. I have no say in the matter.
  • EOCT students should remember that they will provide you with a formula sheet and periodic table as part of the course materials (in the paper version of the test it's usually the cover of the booklet, and online versions it's usually a pop-up).
    Students are reminded that they are also allowed to use a calculator. However, schools may or may not have any available for you, and they will not allow you to use one that stores text. That includes phones and ipods/mp3 players. As there is nothing more complicated than percentages on the test, I recommend getting the cheapest dollar store calculator you can find and bringing it with you.
  • You may note that despite being given 5-6 weeks to complete this course, we left an entire week for EOCT/final exam prep. That's because students take the EOCT when their local schools give them, and we want everyone done with new material before the test (although sometimes schools still get to it before we do). Please note that the EOCT covers the A semester as well! I don't have time in this short schedule to cover that material, but the extra credit site has some great practice test options, and I'm happy to provide help if needed, including at the Thursday help sessions.
  • The last graded items - aside from final/EOCT - are due on Thursday, June 26 for the 6 week group and Wednesday, July 2 for the 5 week group. The 5 week group may therefore find that they take the EOCT before the material is complete. Schedule ahead so you've at least read the material before taking the EOCT!
  • For those students taking the final exam, it will be available all day on Thursday, July 10. According to my instructions, no one may take it early. However, if you know of some overriding reason you cannot take it that day, please email me with any available documentation and I will pass it to the administration (if you have surgery scheduled, I think we'll work with you on that, but "I don't care to wait" is not a good reason.)
  • Some schools require you to be proctored during the final - check with them if you do this work in a school building.
  • I cannot curve final exam or EOCT grades, and I cannot offer extra credit for them either. The only extra credit available is for unit tests - see above.
  • Final grades will be released through the GaVS system - I am absolutely forbidden to discuss your final grade with you, your parent, or anyone at your school once the final is complete. This includes phone, email, snail mail, telegraph, or semaphore. Final grades are released on July 17.