Moffatt's Memo

February 8-12

A Peek at Next Week

Writing - This week, writers will concentrate on adding similes, metaphors, and onomatopoeia in their poetry. They will then choose a poem to publish.

Reading - Readers continue practicing skills using narrative nonfiction stories. They will revisit paraphrasing, cause and effect, and sequencing. We will spend the next week reading biographies in Reader's Workshop. Students will also begin using our classroom tablets to read narrative nonfiction online using safe websites and our library system.

Math - Students are working with two digit by one digit multiplication. We have begun by multiplying by larger tens and showing how using decomposing numbers can simplify this operation. We will move on to the algorithm when students have learned their basic multiplication facts.

Science - Objects In The Sky: Students will learn about the Moon, Sun, and Earth, their size, distance, and other objects that are in the sky.

Social Studies - "How Do People Improve Their Communities" Students will work in groups to study a person who made a difference in their community. They will learn all about that person, create a human monument and plaque to accompany it. They will decide where that monument would be placed and present their findings to the class.

We will also finish our CAP project - a PowerPoint presentation that includes 6 slides, showing proficiency with technology while integrating grade level skills. Ours includes students choosing an article from Scholastic News, reading and determining main idea and details, and presenting that information, along with a picture and source information in a PowerPoint presentation.

Valentine Boxes

Students can begin bringing their Valentine boxes this Wednesday, February 10th. They are due on Thursday so that they are able to deliver their valentines on that day. I can't wait to see how creative they look!

Friday, February 12th is Early Release

We will be having our Valentine party on Friday at 10:00. It will include lunch, so be sure to send your child with their lunch, unless they have ordered a sack lunch from the cafeteria. Dessert will be supplied and students will have time to open their Valentines. Dismissal will begin at 12:05 in the usual way.

Please remember, if you choose to check your child out of school before dismissal, you must return to the office to sign them out and they will need to call the classroom for me to release them. If you are coming to the party, have your drivers license ready to present at the office for entrance.

At The Hop Carnival

Our school carnival is quickly approaching. It will be on Saturday, February 27th, mark your calendars!!

There will be a silent auction and awesome Grand Raffle prizes this year. Tickets will be sold beforehand and on carnival day. See below about our class booth!

Carnival is always a really fun time. I can't wait for this fun day!

Our Class Booth

Each class is sponsoring a booth and we have Plinko. I have already made a sign for it, featuring each of our students' smiling faces. Now, I need help manning the booth. Please consider donating an hour of your time to our booth. I need two volunteers for each time slot. The following times are available:

11:00-12:00 2 spots filled!!

12:00-1:00 2 spots filled!!

1:00-2:00 1 spot filled, still need 1 volunteer


Your child is able to work this booth with you, as long as they will be staying with you at the booth the entire time, helping out. So, both slots can be filled in that way.

THANK YOU in advance for donating an hour of your time! Please just email me with your time slot preference and I will update this page to show that it is filled.