Dribble in my shoes

Working toward greatness

Update timeline


Converse: converse first came to the market with the chuck Taylor all stars.


Converse released the Dr.J's they added leather to the shoe.


Nike: nike then came in to basketball shoe business with the Nike bruins, they added leather to there new shoe.


Nike introduced the Nike blazer the shoe is supposed to feel smoother on your foot.


The next major upgrade to basketball shoes happened when Patrick Ewing added a strap around the shoe for ankle support.


Reebok added a pump on the younger so that the shoe could inflate for ankle support


Nike released then vinsanity and added shox to the bottom of there shoe it added jump support and more cushion

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Nike vinsanity 2000

Day in the life of lebron James

Lebron James, all star NBA player wakes up early in the morning and eats a healthy breakfast. He puts on his training gear and his signature shoes then heads to the gym, he has to stay in the best shape possible, he works out for a good two hours. After he's done lebron heads home and continues his training with cardio workouts. When he finally finishes his conditioning he heads to refuel his body with the most healthy lunch possible. After lunch lebron dedicates to his training once again and he heads back to the gym and repeats his formal workouts. When finally he heads home once again to have a more relaxing but still challenging workout in the pool, then he heads to his court to get some shots up. Aside from his family time with his wife and kids, this is the daily life of lebron James.

My passionate connection to basketball shoes

I've always been passionate about basketball, though I love sports in general, but there's just something about basketball that gets me pumped. The sound of the shoes squeaking on the floor, the sound of the ball meeting the net in the air, it's amazing. I'm really tall for my age so I have an advantage over most people. I've been playing since I was about four and I've grew to love it more as I got older.