Marine Life

How water pollution is killing little animals

There Is Still Oil In The Sea

There was a nuclear test that went on in Japan, when they where testing the chemicals there was a small mishap that cause the chemicals to seep into the Pacific Ocean. The scientists were very worried about the little creatures under the water surface, because the amount of oil that went into the ocean could wipe them out. When they where trying to see what was happening under there, they where dumbfounded. The marine life was retreating, They knew that something happened, although there was many animals that did not sense the spill in time.

Ideas to Help

There is many things we could do like something as simple as cutting the little circles that our cans of coke comes in because turtles think that it is a jellyfish which is what they eat, and they die from suffocation. We could also recycle, its as easy as 1,2,3, all you do is have something recyclable, put in the proper trash can, and forget it. The last idea I am going to list is something that some of my family does, they burn there trash that way there is no way for it to get into the ocean, but kids don't do that, its the adults job.

Some pictures of the lovable mammals

Killed At Sea

6 million

In 2008 there was a counting that went on, there was 6 million dolphins found beached up, killed, or just found. To me it seems that dolphins are the oceans puppy, why kill them. In some counties they are a very good, but no one should be eating them.


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