Mrs. Radtke's 4K Classroom News

November 11th - 15th

Theme: Alphabet Soup

Since the weather is finally starting to get cold, we are learning about Alphabet Soup! This week we have a lot of fun alphabet soup activities planned. We will be playing alphabet game, including scooping letters from a pot and recording them. Here is a list of 50 games you can play with your child to recognize alphabet letters.

We will also be sampling three different soups: Tomato, Alphabet Soup, and Chicken Noodle. After sampling the soups, the children will choose their favorites and we will graph it as a class and discuss which was the favorite and least favorite soups.

This week we will also have a grocery store in our dramatic play area and an Alphabet soup (water, bowls, ladles and alphabet letters).

Letter of the Week: Letter I

This week we will be focusing on the letter I. We will learn the Jolly Phonics song and motions for the Letter I. The motion is to wriggle your fingers at the end of your nose like a mouse's whiskers and squeak i-. We will also be learning to write the letter I will the Hand Writing Without Tears worksheet as well. You can view the Jolly Phonics I song below, The letters that we have learned already have been L,F, E, H, and T. You can review these letters with your children as well.

Letter 'I'_Jolly Phonics song

Turkey Feathers

At the beginning of November we sent home some "homework" to decorate a turkey feather as a family. As you complete them and send them back to school, we will be adding them to our turkey body to make him have a colorful set of feathers. Please return your feather as soon as you finish it. Thanks for your participation.

Star of the Week

This year, each child will have their special week in which they are child of the week. When they are child of the week they can bring in items to share every day of the week. On Friday they are able to have a parent or special person come into the class, have snack with us and read a book or do a special activity with the class. When your child is Star of the Week, they will get a poster to decorate a week before they need to bring it in to have it displayed. If you have any questions regarding Star of the Week, don't hesitate to contact me.

Radtke Reminders

*Complete and send back to school turkey feathers
*No School November 27th, 28th, and 29th for Thanksgiving break