Photography & Fashion

By: Juan & Heidy


Fashion is a way to express the way you feel and express yourself in the way you dress. It allows you to make a statement. Fashion can also help other see how you are as a person, if you dress with a lot of color you might be a fun person but if you dress in all black and you don't do your hair people might consider you goth.

Don't tell people your dreams, show them

Our opinion

Fashion is defined as a trend but i see it as a way to decorate yourself so people can see a little glimpse of who you are as a person just by the pieces of clothes you have on & along going with photography snap a picture and make it go live on the internet or just as a person picture .

Why Photography ?

Photography has a little more than just shooting pictures, You can be in competitions, create your own business. Photographers use their technical experience, creativity, and composition skills to produce and preserve images that visually tell a story or record an event.

planning to become a photagrapher or fashion desginer?


salary: $28,490 per year & $13.70 per hour you would need to have either a masters or bachelors.

studies: you would be studying how to get your own style and how to use a camera

fashion designer

salary: the average salary of a fashion designer is 73,570. salaries start from 33,580 to 127,190 all this will variety from what education , amount of experience and the company you work for .

Studies: The lowest degree you can have is a bachelors degree .


Our tasks

Ones we have achieved this we want to be happy for what we work in and be satisfied are accomplishment is to make money and create are own business .Who knows we could be the top people and have our own office and work for what we love doing.

.................. fashion design and photography .................