By:Walt Dean Myers

What is Monster About!

Steve Harmon, 16 years old, sits alone in his cell musing over what he's come to learn about prison in his short time there. He details the violence of his fellow inmates, but points out the fact that they are all strangers - strangers who somehow still find a reason to hurt each other. Steve says he feels as if he has walked into a black and white movie, but that there are no real pictures. His world is just a grainy screen. He says he is going to write a script. Not a script about his entire life, but of this particular experience. Steve says he is going to name it what the prosecutor labeled him as: "Monster".
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Why I picked This Book?

I picked this book because I think the book was going to be good and some of it can connect to my life and i can learn from and try and do better.And this book can motivate me to do better in school and get to where I need to be.

You guys should Read Monster?

You guys should read this book cause it can tell you everything not to do and you can compare yourself to him and try and do better just be ready for the book to blow your mind Away!!!!!!!!!!

MadeBy:DeAndre Washington WritenBy:Walter Dean Myers