The Northeast

A look at the states of New York and Pennyslvania

A description of the Northeast

From modern day New York to where the pilgrims first set foot, the northeast is a very historic place. The nations capital lies here, as well as its biggest city. Its economy is mixed and relies heavily on industry. Its main language is english and its main religion is Christanity, just like every other region. It also includes some of the famed Appalachian Mountains, another great piece of history. It is also known for its high number of urban areas, being the most densely populated region in the United States. Heavy snow has made people adapt and cleaning up snow is one of the biggest jobs here. Prices here are typically very high and high paying jobs have had to be created. Gas prices can get to almost $5 in New York. Therefore, jobs are hard to get and keep and usually overpay because the price of living is so high. It has become a megalopolis because of how it draws many immigrants.Because of this, most major cities are also involved in heavy industry, another reason why it is a megapolis.It became an early leader in industry because of it's many rivers and abundant precipitation. Subways are commonly used for transportation and urban areas dominate the region. Most jobs here work with industry., as the weather allows for few other jobs.

New York and Pennsylvania

Among these states are Pensylvania and New York. New York is the 4th biggest state in the nation with almost 20 million people. A lot of this comes from New York City, the biggest city in America. Pennsylvania is also one of the most populated states, ranking 6th with around 13 million. Major cities here are Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Both of these states have a high cost of living, which forces people to work at higher paying jobs. They were both in the original 13 colonies and were big sites in the civil war and American revolution. Both states main language is English and their main religion is Christanity. Both states have to deal with heavy snow in the winter. The average income for Penssylvania is 52,000 and in New York around 55,000, with some of New York City being 70,000.

Phyiscal Geography

The Northeast is one of the most beautiful and fascinating regions. The land is very hilly and many trees and lakes are in less dense areas. The highest point is Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Part of the Appalchian Mountains are also here. Other features here include the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the Adirondacks. It has very little natural resources, with coal being one of the few. The lack of natural resources has hurt it's economy and jobs.

Fun Facts

*The smallest U.S. state by land, Rhode Island, is located here

* Mount Washington in New Hampshire is the highest point

* It is the oldest region

* Toliet paper was invented here

* Hershey's was invented here

* The nations capital lies here

* The nations biggest city in New York City is here


The northeastern culture is also interesting. The main religion is Christianty and main language is English. Adapting to the snow is a part of their culture, as well as adjusting to the high cost of loving.