Team JOLT Newsletter

January 2016

Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year ladies! I hope you are all recovered from your holidays and ready to make 2016 your best year yet - in all aspects of your life.

One of the best ways to enact change is to set goals. Set them for your home (I will make the bed before I leave for work), set them for your family (We will eat at home six nights a week), set them for your business (I will do two home parties a month). Write them down! Hold yourself accountable. And just like you will work to make sure you grocery shop for food to eat at home, work to make your business goals a reality. I am here to guide you, give you success strategies and celebrate you, but it's YOUR business. What you do day in and day out is what will pay dividends over time.

You all mean the world to me and honestly nothing makes me happier than seeing you all succeed. YOU are my Why.



1 - Kara Mahan $1039

2 - Brittany Murphy $535

3 - Nancy Perales $286

4 - Genevela Moon and Chelsea Pidgeon $201


1 - Kara $1115

2 - Keavy Kinna - $616

3 - Brittany $483

4 - Lesley Thorne $333

5 - Nancy Perales $295

6 - Karyl Haden $215


1 - Kara $1093.92

2 - Nancy $558.86

3 - Jennifer Saunders $387.86

4 - Genevela $272.96



1 - Kara 3

2 - Brittany 2

3 - Genevela, Chelsea, Nancy 1


1- Kara 3

2 - Lesley, Brittany, Nancy, Keavy, Karyl 1


1 - Kara, Genevela, Nancy 1


TOP SALES ($56,693.07 in total sales)

1 - Kara $5327.42

2 - Nancy $4829.97

3 - Keavy $4554.76

4 - Brittany $3310.48

5 - Jennifer $3144.71

TOP PARTIES (46 total parties)

1 - Nancy 16

2 - Kara 13

3 - Keavy 11

4 - Brittany 8

5 - Jennifer 6


- To Kara Mahan. Kara earned a slot in the Thirty One-run Facebook group 1k2. Every consultant is eligible for the group and Kara had enough personal volume in the earning months (Oct, Nov, Dec) to secure a slot. For 1k2, the requirement is to average $1000 a month in PV during the earning period. It's quite an accomplishment - only 7% of all consultants earn a place in the groups. Kara will be surrounded by other high-performing consultants and leaders and have access to all kinds of ideas, graphics and smart people to answer questions. Kara, we expect you to share what you learn in our FB group! Congratulations!! (FYI...this is a GREAT goal. It's TWO average parties a month...that's it!)

- To Tami Stobel. Our newest Jolt-ette! Tami lives very close to me and we even have daughters the same age. Tami, welcome to the team; we are here to help you and guide you through your first few months. Join the interaction on our FB group. Getting involved is one of the BEST ways to ensure success.

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Register for Better Together

Register by Jan. 20. Got to TOT-->Attend an event-->Better Together. Find an event that fits into your schedule and GO! Everyone that either comes to my event or texts me a picture of them at their event is entered to win a pile of spring business supplies from me!
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Check out all the great items you can get for FREE by partying in January. Do your best this month to set yourself up for a great spring.

Some ideas to earn RSS - Do either a home or online retirement party. You can find the retirement list on TOT. Put together a fundraiser. Host a bingo or bunco party. Football playoff party. Adult coloring party. Horrible holiday gift exchange party.

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new enrollment kit

The new enrollment kit is available starting January 21. I love it and I think it will be a great recruiting tool. Remember, it's your job to share the opportunity and their job to accept or pass.

Make sure to check out TOT for new Startswell offerings as well. They are gorgeous!

Spring Begins with a Bang!

Check out the February Special! I hope you all went to the Product Premiere in December because if you did, you have the February customer special in your hands right now!

Also, please remember the hostess special now has a qualifier of $600. Once the party reaches that mark, the hostess qualifies for the special. She CANNOT get it with a $200-599 party. Don't look at this as a detriment, use it to your advantage to encourage her to have a bigger party!

word of the year

What is your word of the year? Choose something that aligns with the goals you wrote down (because I know you did) from above. Remind yourself of your worth, your strength, and your beauty every day. Here is mine:
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You can use Red Stamp to send invites, thank yous, reminders and just to say hi. There is a special collection just for 31! Download the free app onto your phone and check the "collections" section. It should be there. If it's not, check TOT for the instructions to get the collection to show up.