Cougar Chronicles for Adults

February 8-12; V3, i22


Calendar Highlights (Click highlighted calendar to see your calendar. If you don't see MCES events, please check to see that the MCES calendar is selected under your calendar views.)

Tuesday- Hispanic Information Night

Wednesday- DANCE until 6

Thursday- ICEE day

Friday- Dodge Ball Tournament

*If you are needing to make up time for the snow days, these are excellent ways to do that. We need all the caring staff we can have to assist and be here for these extracurricular activities. THANK YOU!

*BACK TO REGULAR SCHEDULE with computers. Please welcome Mrs. Kim Logan as our new Computer Teacher! We're so excited to have her here EVERYDAY!*

Thank you for celebrating with us on Friday. Check @MCES_Cougars on Twitter and #bestatthecrest !


Begins on Monday, 2/8

First week is 1st, 3rd, and Kindergarten

Check the banner at the top of MCES calendar. Click on it to view details of our tentative schedule.

Please be quiet moving about halls. Media center, first grade classrooms, ESL room, and third grade classrooms will be affected.

Thank you, fifth grade, for your flexibilty in having computers for these grades to use for testing!

Here's a Message from your Testing Coordinator:

Monday will be our first day of ACCESS testing. We have a full schedule lined up for the next two weeks. This year the testfor the most part is on-line and as you all know testing on line is a task within itself especially for our little ones. Due to our large numbers we are going to need to use some classrooms to accommodate the wireless usage and the number of students. I have attached a copy of the schedule which includes the classrooms that will be used by date and time. We are using classrooms that have the most students pulled during each time frame. Teachers if your room is being used we ask that you pair up with another class in your grade level. Please work together on doing this and planning activities during this time. If your classroom is being used for testing, all classroom displays that provide information regarding test-taking strategies or content being measured on the test (reading, speaking, writing, etc) must be covered up. Do this just as if it was the EOG's. Monday will be a busy day in making sure that our schedule works, the computers work, headphones work, etc. Please lets work together to make administering the ACCESS test as smooth as possible. The schedule may need to be tweaked as we go along. We just ask that you all be flexible. After the two weeks of testing of course make-ups will need to be completed. We will work on that as we get closer to doing those. ~Ms. Caldwell

Remind Yourself of What We Studied in December- Click here to review

Look for review of what we discussed in December training. We'll continue as we look to move forward with SIOP and small learning communities especially in Guided Reading at MCES.

~Look For A SMORE#2 Later This Week for a special SURPRISE!~