Friday Coach Note

September 23, 2016

News and Updates

*3-5 Teachers I will schedule visits with you for next week!

*K-3 Literacy Program------ Getting Ready for Waterford

Team Leaders K-3, would you get with your grade level team teacher and explain how the student photo is their log-in and how to upload the photo for each of their students listed in Waterford? It would be great to have this done by next Friday. Thanks! We are looking into ordering the headphones with mics that are required to participate in the program for the labs.

*Imagine Learning--- All ELL students have been entered and their log-ins and passwords will be the same ones they use for Renaissance. We are looking at possibly scheduling them in an i-pad lab in the AM or PM.

*****Parent Teacher Conference Items******

*Sign-in Sheets Please have parents sign the sign-in sheet (coming soon to your mailbox) Please check the "translations" column for each conference where one of our translators or an older sibling, etc. translated.

As Sanie mentioned in our collaboration last week, this is the "Data-Sharing" Conference!

Please make sure you share the following information with parents:

*STAR Reading, Math and Early Literacy Scores--run "Parent report" in "reports," "additional reports" then Parent-English, Parent-Spanish. Let me know if you need assistance.

*K-3rd Grades IRI Scores---This will be in the form of a Literacy letter that will be provided to you for each student in your class. The actual plan will be sent later. No signature is required.

*ELP Plans---For your ELL students. There will be an English copy (have signed and keep for students' green folder in cum file) and Spanish copy to send home with the parent.

*ELL Letters--- Please send letters home with parents regarding ELL services provided to their children. No signature is required. I will put these in your mailbox for each of your ELL students. (list provided last week at collaboration)

*Minidoka School-Parent Compact Signatures required on this document from teacher, parent and student. You may want to go over them and have students sign their section before conferences. Once you have all signatures, keep these forms in a file where you could easily retrieve it if requested by an auditor (more info coming on our January audit). Watch for a purple folder in your mailboxes.

Ideas and Resources

Parent Teacher Conferences September 29, 2016

Good luck with your conferences next week! Remember parents and teachers want basically the same thing for students, and that is for them to succeed!

I like this TED TALK about building relationships with parents.

"One simple thing we can do...........when teachers reach out to parents and parents reach out to teachers, our connection bridges the gap."

"Every child is the meaning of someone's life."

"The children we live our lives for are at the heart of all we do."

Building relationships between parents and teachers: Megan Olivia Hall at TEDxBurnsvilleED
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In The Spotlight!

Mrs. Heather Pike, Our K-3 Literacy Para!

Heather loves Mexican food. She also loves the water, river, beach and anything to do with summer.

She grew up in San Diego and moved to Idaho when she was 14. As a teenager, she hated it, but says she would never leave now. (And we wouldn't let her!!)

She likes archery hunting with her family and going camping. She loves to ski, watch her kids play football, basketball and motor cross.

She has been to Mexico, Hawaii, Bahamas, Alaska, and New York, Any place where it is warm is her favorite!

She is the youngest of 3 children. She has 4 boys and 1 girl. She has been married to her best friend, Thomas for 3 1/2 years.

(He is a Falconer--a total bird whisperer! When we had a Kestrel land on our front porch last winter, he's the one who told me all about them! I got permission to steal this picture of Heather with one of his birds from Facebook. She's a Falconer's wife, how cool it that?!

Heather's Bucket List:

1-Travel to Canada (It's beautiful, eh?)

2- A Hunting trip to Alaska (Kaitlin might know just the places to go!)

We first got acquainted with Heather as a parent here at Acequia. Then she subbed for us, and now we are lucky to have her as our K-3 Literacy Para! She is doing a great job with K-3 intervention groups and she will help us implement our Waterford Program for our students. With her help, our eagles will soar!! We are glad to have her in our Acequia family and it will be fun to get to know her better this year!