Andrew Jackson - Hero or Zero

Jackson is a zero

Nullification Crisis

Jackson passed the Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832. The south became upset because they had little manufacturing. They decided to nullify the tariffs and threatened to secede from the Union. Then Jackson passed the Force Bill which forced them to pay their bills and he threatened to lead the U.S. army against them. South Carolina quickly paid their bills.

The Trail of Tears

"The Trail of Tears" is the removal of the Native Americans from their homes to Reservations. This removal was organized by him and the Native Americans were given 3 choices. To leave, to become civilized, or to fight. Jackson did not need the extra land, and he had a negative attitude against them.

Killing the National Bank

In 1833 Jackson announced that the government will no longer use the Second Bank. Jackson resented the bank's lack of funding for Western territories. He viewed it as unconstitutional and the people who used that bank don't know where to put their money.
The Trail of Tears as Told by Johnny Cash - pt 1
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Jackson vetoing the National Bank

President Jackson is getting rid of the Second U.S. bank because it doesn't fund settlers in the west. He is getting rid of the bank by vetoing the bill.