Estrella Martinez

6th grade AIG

About Me

I am 11 years old.I am in the 6th grade. I have 2 sisters, I have a twin sister and her name is Nicole.I love dogs each of my sisters has one but mine is the smallest one.I was born September 9,2003.My Favorite dog breed is the Siberian Husky.My older sister is the one who has a Siberian Husky.I also have hamsters as pets only 4 babies and the mom.I like being around my family.
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My sisters dog

The animal that i am

The Teddy Bear—Accommodators: To Teddy Bears, the relationship is of great importance, while their own goals are of little importance. Teddy Bears want to be accepted and liked by other people. They think that conflict should be avoided in favor of harmony and believe that conflicts cannot be discussed without damaging relationships. They are afraid that if the conflict continues, someone will get hurt and that would ruin the relationship. They give up their goals to preserve the relationship. Teddy Bears say, “I’ll give up my goals, and let you have what you want in order for you to like me.” Teddy Bears try to smooth over the conflict in fear of harming the relationship.

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My Conflict Poem

1: Estrella

2:happy, exited, Hispanic, sister

3: family, dogs, the fair

4: snakes, spiders, mosquito's

5: I'm around my family, I'm with my pet dog, its my birthday

6: I’m not with my family, my pets dies, I'm far away with my family

7: getting a new puppy, going sledding with my sisters dog

8: when people are talking about my family, going to see the snakes because i don't like snakes

9: I'm with my dad, I'm with my dog

10: going on mountains, climbing walls

11: Martinez