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Flipping without Freaking Out!

The flipped classroom is a hot topic in the educational community. In short, the flipped classroom reverses the traditional lecture and homework/practice times. Students watch videos of the lesson prior to class, and then they do practice in class. For students, this means they get to watch the lesson with the luxury of pausing & rewinding, and then they get to work with the subject expert, YOU, during class to get their questions answered as they practice, have more time for hands-on activities, and gain a deeper understanding of the material.

Like any method of lesson delivery, flipping should be used when needed rather than as an "all the time" practice. For instance, I chose to flip lessons or units that had historically low summative assessment data. Those were the lessons that students needed more practice time with me! Scores hugely increased, and the level of understanding was deeper than ever before! (Want to see that data?)

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Resources for Flipped Videos


EDpuzzle allows you to add formative assessments to your lesson videos, and you can see which students viewed the entire video. You can even see if they started it & then stopped watching! Add formative assessments to videos you've found online or your own teacher made videos.

*Note to LISD teachers: Due to our filters, we recommend you use videos that you have saved and then uploaded into EDpuzzle rather than search for a video. These can be videos saved from somewhere else rather than teacher-created.


Many teachers hear "flipped learning" and think YouTube or Khan Academy are the only source for videos or that they have to make all of the videos themselves. While those are all great options, Sophia is another wonderful resource for lesson videos. It's easy to search, and if you find an instructor you love, you can search for their videos to use.

Teacher-Created Videos

A few steps to learn, and you could be on the way to creating your own lesson videos! Make an appointment with me, and I can show you some easy to use resources like how to use QuickTime or AirServer to make a screen recording with voiceover. Make your videos even more dynamic with picture in picture using iMovie! All of these resources are FREE To LISD teachers!

The Key Element: Formative Assessment

As I moved forward with flipping my classroom, I discovered the videos were not enough. I needed a follow up piece right after the video to check for understanding. For me, this came in the form of Google Forms. It allowed me quick access to student responses, so I knew what we needed to touch on again in class the next day or what the students understood well and could be skipped.

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