Eagle's Eye View

Growing Juntos

Week at a Glance 12-14-15 to 12-18-15 LAST WEEK BEFORE THE BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAY!!!

ZIS Vision: One Child, Two Languages - Unlimited Possibilities

ZIS Mission: We will provide and assist each student with a well-rounded and differentiated education that is centered around the immersion of the Spanish language and cultures to prepare them for a global society.

Instructional Focus: The SIOP Model in ALL classrooms. Please, por favor, PLEASE review, use, and reflect upon the components of SIOP and continue conversations within your grade level meetings during your common planning times. I believe in the use of this model and want to implement it with fidelity as we grow our eagles into bilingual and biliterate citizens.

Lunes - LOD is Spanish

  • Weekly Gathering - Details to come in e-mail
  • No Zumba today...I have 6 meetings today and one is at the service center after school.
  • PTA General Meeting at 5:15-5:30 to vote to support Srta. Bennett to go to a conference for dyslexia. If you are able to come and support her, please do so. Every vote will count. :-)
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias

Martes - LOD is English

  • Jessica Haight will be with me today from 10:30-12:30. She wants to do walk-thrus of your classrooms, so please do not mind us as we travel around from room to room. You all just keep on being wonderful.
  • CAP meeting today at 2:00 for Srta. Kaitlin and I.
  • Zumba from 4:45-5:45 (maybe...)
  • Please, promote our LOD. Thank you.

Miércoles - LOD is Spanish

  • KG Tour at 1:00
  • CAP Presentation at 2:00 (Srta. Kaitlin and Srta. S....GRACIAS)
  • Winter Concert for 3-5 at 8:15 in the gym
  • Kids on the Block for PK-2 in the cafeteria
  • Leadership meeting at 3:30 in my office.
  • Zumba from 4:45-5:45 (Maybe...I say maybe because there is SO much going on. Bring clothes just in case.)
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias.

Jueves - LOD is English

  • Kids on the Block in the cafeteria today for 3-4
  • I have a meeting today at Wilson (why there is a meeting the last week before the break is beyond me) for new principals from 8:00 to 11:00 AND a meeting with my mentor principal from 11:00-12:00. :-(((((((
  • Zumba from 4:45-5:45 (...again...maybe...)
  • Please, promote our LOD. Thank you.

Viernes - LOD is Spanish

  • Asamblea hoy/Assembly Today
  • Wear your most beautiful holiday sweater if you'd like...wink wink ;-)
  • Make sure students are WORKING and not on vacation until 3:20. Not to be a Scrooge, but we need everyone to be working as if it were a typical day of instruction. I know that there will be some festivities, etc., but they need to be connected to PASS/Oklahoma Academic Standards. This doesn't mean that we can't have fun, it just means that we don't need a lot of discipline issues and that learning is still important. Also, if you are watching a movie, please approve it with me first, and prepare the list of PASS skills to which it relates.
  • Please, promote our LOD. Gracias.
  • Online gradebook

    An updated and accurate grade book is an invaluable tool for all educators. It is expected that grade books will be updated on a weekly basis. Please perform a gradebook report on PowerSchool each Friday to ensure grades are not lost when report cards go out. TPS policy requires a minimum of:

    · 2 grades per week for Reading

    · 2 grades per week for Math

    · 1 grade per week for Social Studies

    · 1 grade per week for Science.

    · 4 grades per quarter for Specials subjects

    · Grades from library projects will be infused into the grade book of the subject it is covering as needed.

    Have a GREAT WEEK! You are the best of the best, and I am blessed to be with such great professionals like YOU! This is the best school in the nation!

Teacher of the Week

El Orgullo de Zarrow

Drum roll please.....................................................................................................This week's Teacher of the Week is Srta. Sanchez!!! You get the Principal's parking spot for the week :-)!!!!

Srta. Sanchez is a wonderful educator who is always trying to sharpen her skills as she continues her education in higher education. I am constantly impressed with how she juggles her schedule so well with her professional schedule. I, too, recall the days of being SO busy at work while writing 20 page papers. It is not easy, but it can be done...and Srta. Sanchez is a prime example. Her quality of teaching is wonderful as I see her making kids' eyes light up as they are learning. I, also, appreciate her support in our Early Release days and feel that I am able to learn from her, as well. I feel like that with you all. You all are great and deserve the world.

Srta. Sanchez, muchas gracias por todo que hace usted. Le agradezco un monton y es la verdad que sigo aprendiendo de usted. Admiro su pasion por la educacion y espero que nunca la pierda. Que siga siendo un ejemplo de excelencia en nuestra escuela. (Y que me perdonen por favor por los errores gramaticales...esta computadora no me permite poner tildes, etc. :-/)

Zarrow International Elementary School

One Child, Two Languages - Unlimited Possibilities