By Deema Zreika


What is Hydro energy?

Hydropower is a form of renewable energy that uses dams that stores water in rives to make electricity. In Australia we have more than 100 hydro electric plants. It contributes to 7% of Australia’s energy.

How does Hydro energy work?

It first starts of by transfering water into a dam where it turns the turbine blades.

Then it continually rotates into a type of generator that creates energy. From the excess water it goes back into the water system.

Hydro energy is the third used energy in Australia.

The last process is it is transferred into a sub station through an electricty grid to our houses.

Why should we use this type of energy?

We should use Hydropower because it is used by water not coal and it won't pollute the air. Coal is Australia used type of energy but Hydropower is naturally sourced by the environment.

Is this energy better then other forms of energy? Why or why not?

This energy is very kind to the environment because it doesn't uses bad energy such as coal to make energy. This is better than other forms of energy because when turning into to energy it uses turbines and other things to create this energy.

Interesting Facts

Hydropower contributes to 1/5 of the world's energy.

In the Australian National Market Hydropower is the third used energy.