Angelman Syndrome

It is also called AS for short

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Angelman Syndrome is caused by the deletion or mutation of chromosome 15.


AS affects the nervous system, causes delayed development, intellectual disability, speech impairment, and problems with movement and balance.


It affects about 1 in 12,000 to 20,000 people.  Anyone can get AS if chromosome 15 is deleted or mutated.


Angelman Syndrome is not inherited but instead just occurs.


There are no cures but you can get a treatment for it.  They put in the missing proteins and it can help a little.


As the kid gets older it becomes harder for them to move.  The life span of someone with AS is normal and they lose some of the things they had when they were younger such as excitement.  Someone can have children in the future and their kids wont get it, unless they also have the same chromosome get deleted or mutated


The research is pretty advanced. There is no cure coming soon because Angelman Syndrome is irreversible.

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