Week in Review: August 19, 2013

Welcome to the "new" Week in Review

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the "new" Week in Review. I thought it was time to spruce up these updates for a nicer look - hopefully it will make reading these slightly more interesting.

Thanks to everyone who helped make Waterfield Wired an incredibly successful event. Each year it grows, and this year was no exception. I'm still trying to warm up from the dunking booth, but I had a lot of fun with that too.

Our new Provost has hit the ground running with reports and information to be shared with the President and Board. A summary of our highlights will be included in packets for the Regents, along with data from all academic units on faculty salary compression. The Buildings and Grounds subcommittee of the Board has asked me to present alternatives to a new library building at the Board's retreat on September 5th. That presentation was due in the President's Office at noon today. With Kim Oatman's quick help, I've crafted a few options for the Regents to consider. I wouldn't expect any specific action - or even clarity on a potential direction - to come out of the retreat. The presentation is for them to ponder.

With all the changes we have gone through in the last few months alone, there is more to communicate with our different constituencies than ever. I've asked the R&I Librarians to keep faculty in their departments aware of such developments as our Instruction Plan, the implementation of Primo, the new resources we purchased (such as JSTOR and the Web of Knowledge upgrade), and others. Erin distributed nearly 2,000 mailers to incoming freshmen (and their parents) and transfer students, helping them connect with their assigned R&I Librarian. With so many things to communicate, Erin has been working on a Communications Plan, which was reviewed at the Leadership Retreat last week and will be distributed soon.

Finally, many of you are aware that our Night Supervisor, Ross Kelley, recently secured a new teaching job in Paducah. Because we need a night supervisor quickly, we have arranged for a temp hire to get us through the fall and spring - Devin Wade, a graduate and former student worker in Circulation. Devin will start next Monday evening. Please give her a warm welcome back.

Have a great week everyone!