Miss Cleasby's 4K News

News for the week of April 8th

Seeds and Plants Theme

This week we will begin a "Seeds/Plants" theme. We will talk about what plants need to grow. Each student will be planting their very own sunflower seed. We will take care of it and watch it grow throughout the next few weeks. We will even keep a plant log to chart the changes in the seed.

Spring Field trip

The 4K will be going on a Spring field trip in May! We have decided to try something new this year and will be going to the Madison's Children's Museum on Friday, May 24th. Last week a permission slip was sent home. Please send back permission slips and money by Tuesday, April 16th. If you have any questions about the field trip don't hesitate to ask.

Star of the Week

Thanks Sam for having your mom visit and showing us your cute dog Peyton! :) Great job as the "Star of the Week"!

Jolly Phonics

Our jolly phonics letter of the week is "X". Our action for the letter "X" sound is to pretend to take an x-ray with a x- ray camera, saying /ks/ /ks/ /ks/. The jolly phonics "X" song is as follows:

(Tune: Skip to My Lou)

/ks/ /ks/! Take an x-ray

/ks/ /ks/! Take an x-ray

/ks/ /ks/! Take an x-ray

-- X-ray of my hand!

Check out the video below for a lesson on the letter "X" sound!

Phonics: The Letter X

Parenting Counts Education Series: Birth- Kindergarten

Wednesday, April 10th 2013 at 6-8:30pm

1550 Madison Ave

Fort Atkinson, WI

Pillar 3 of the 4 part parenting series will focus on learning and cognitive development.
Participants will:
*Explore how children think and learn, especially in three areas: Imitation, Exploration, and Play
*Understand developmental milestones and expectations
*Learn strategies and tips to help support learning for their child

This class is offered FREE to 4K parents. To register call Sheila at 920-723-0307 or go online to www.thrivepsychology.com