Martin's Memos

Volume 1, Issue 28: April 13, 2018

This Week


What an awesome week filled with activity! Take a look at all of the fantastic Enrichment presentations in the Pictures of the Week. We also had one last Mystery Reader (Ms. Marx, Aly's grandmother)!

Please read through this newsletter and let me know if you have any comments or questions. Have a great weekend!


-Ms. Kate Martin

Pictures of the Week

Proud Teacher Moments!

I'm proud of ALL of my students, but this small part of my newsletter is dedicated to a few different students each week and what has impressed me about their personal growth!

This week:

  • Gabe & John - You worked SO hard with your recent math units - I'm really excited about your growth!


  • Writing & Reading: This week we learned about reasoning and interpreting related passages and poems. Here's the reasoning web we used/will be using that's based on Paul's Elements of Reasoning!

  • Math: Purple, Blue and Orange: We finished our units!

  • Social Studies: The students completed their Wax Museum research and started creating their poster boards. This will be done in class. (Due 4/18/18) The STUDENTS created a grading rubric - check it out here! It concludes with an actual Living Wax Museum that everyone is invited to on 4/18/18 from 1:30-2:30!

  • Enrichment: Students presented their Scientific Method/Engineering Design projects on Monday! They did a FANTASTIC job! We also updated our Online Portfolios this week.

Looking Forward to Next Week

  • mSTEP and MAP Test Prep will begin.

  • Writing & Reading: Students will finish their in class persuasive essays. We will begin a writing and research unit. We will continue understanding reasoning and analysis of stories/passages/poems.

  • Math: Purple: We have finished your grade level's curriculum! We will do a review next week and have a summative assessment to help us review. Blue: We will begin unit 8 -Geometry! Orange: We will begin Unit 8 on Geometry.

  • Social Studies/Science: Students will continue to prepare for a Wax Museum! See the links below! This is again an IN CLASS project, but it concludes with an actual Living Wax Museum that everyone is invited to on 4/18/18 from 1:30-2:30! We will then begin a FOSS unit on environments where the students will be growing mealworms and isopods!

  • Enrichment: We will start a 6th enrichment project.

Standardized Testing Dates

Since our GT classes share our own chromebook cart, we are in a unique position because we are able to schedule our end-of-year testing dates to meet our needs. Our testing dates are as follows:

5/1/18: Reading MAP

5/3/18: Math MAP

5/8/18: Reading m-STEP

5/10/18: Math m-STEP

All tests will be done in the morning. For the m-STEP only the GT 3rd graders will be testing in Ms. Gierman's room and the GT 4th graders will be testing in my room.

Self-Reflective Learning: Organization

We are working on a series of themes each week focusing on having in-depth discussions about common concerns or affective traits gifted students have.

This week we discussed how we can overcome the anxiety and stress of testing.

Help Ms. Green!

Calling all parents!! Ms. Green is still looking for parent volunteers to mount and label artwork for Woodland's Art Show that will be held on Tuesday, May 8th. You can help out here at school or you can take artwork home to work on. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Green via email @ . Thank you very much!

Late Work

A late work policy will begin January 8th for my classroom. Students will receive -%5 off for each day any homework or project is turned in more than a day late. This means students will get a 1 day grace period. For example: If a project was due on Tuesday but was turned in on Thursday, it would be -5% off of the grade they earned. Keep in mind, absences a different situation. Students receive one day extra time for each day they are absent.

General Information

  • Homework
-Independent Reading: Minimum 20 minutes

-Literature Circles: Reading and "job"


-Daily math homework M-Th

  • Please check your child's agenda nightly by initialing under "Parent Signature". I will also initial it in the morning to confirm they have written the correct information down.
  • Friday Folders: They were sent home today! Please take out all the sheets and return the folder MONDAY.
  • Bagel Sales! Pre-Order on Wednesdays of each week. All varieties cost $1, cash only. Bagels are delivered on Fridays.
  • Order online at and use our class code R3CHK if you need books!

Upcoming Important Dates

4/27 Talent Show

5/1-5/10 MAP/mSTEP Testing Window

5/11 1/2 Day

5/28 Memorial Day - No School

6/14 1/2 Day

6/15 1/2 Day - Last Day of School