Protecting Your Identity Online

Ways to stay safe on the internet.

There are many ways for online predators to get your personal information. It's not just your credit card number or bank account that people are trying to get to. Many predators are trying to find out who your family is and or where you live. When it comes to the internet we need to be cautious.

Ways To Protect Yourself

Exclude important personal information from social media.

  • Don't include phone numbers, address, schools, or your age. This presents a way for hackers to know more and may be able to stock you.
  • Set your social media account as private and only allow friends and family to see your profile and feed.

Check Your Phones Privacy Settings

  • Turn GPS location off to keep your where abouts private.
  • This decreases the chance of someone finding where you live or travel.

Create Quality/Strong Passwords

  • The easiest way for a thief to access accounts and personal information.
  • It is safest to have different passwords for everything.

Always Use A Firewall

  • Most computers come with a firewall.
  • Keep them turned on at all times because it keeps your computer safe.

Beware Of Emails From People You Don't Know

  • If you don't know the sender don't open the e-mail, and don't reply.
  • Don't open it to hit the take me off your contact list.
  • If an offer seems too good to be true it's most likely to be fake.
  • Most of these fake emails are malware.
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