Cardiovascular Disease Project

Medical Studies 10 - Lord Beaverbrook High School

Project Expectations

Create a themed, visually appealing online newsletter for your chosen cardiovascular disease.

You can work alone OR in pairs (no more than 2)


You must be prepared to do a short presentation (2-5 minutes) on your e-flyer IN CLASS on Thursday, May 25

You must also develop, and submit 2 multiple choice or True/False questions on the content of your Smore page for your peers to answer at the end of your presentation.

**These questions must be handed in by the end of class on Wednesday, May 24**

Where to start:

Decide who will be the Project Leader:

  • You will sign up for the disease
  • You will create the Free Smore account
  • You will be responsible for turning in the final product

Create a FREE Smore:

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your account
  • Only 1 Smore is to be created per 2 students

List of Topics

* only one group can cover each disorder *

  1. Endocarditis -
  2. Mitral Valve Prolapse - Mercy, Dayva, Daphne
  3. Aneurysm - Corbin and Sid
  4. Cardiac Arrest - Alison & Olivia W
  5. Deep Vein Thrombosis -
  6. Hypertension/Hypotension -
  7. Stroke/Transient Ischemic Attack- Jasmine
  8. Rheumatic Heart Disease -
  9. Cardiomyopathy -
  10. Arrhythmias - Olivia M
  11. Cardiac Sarcoma - Camryn & Amber
  12. Valvular Heart Disease - Ayah, Kuicmar, Shervonne
  13. Pulmonary Embolism -
  14. Pericarditis -
  15. Ebstein's Anomaly - Zach & Jaiden
  16. Ventricular Fibrillation
  17. Angina
  18. Congenital Heart Disease
  19. Peripheral Artery Disease

You must:

Keep in Mind:

  • Would you be able to/want to take notes from your own smore newsletter?

  • Would you be bored or interested in your own newsletter? (Keep it interesting)

  • Is the information broken down into chunks that allow for quick understanding of the material?

  • Did you add images/gifs/videos that help us to understand what we are reading?

  • Keep it appropriate!

Cardiovascular Disease Overview


You will insert links for all of the references you have used here:

Heart and Stroke Foundation

National Institute of Health