Greenbelt 2012

Epic Weekend To Be Had

Welcome to the Best Weekend Ever

Greenbelt 2012 was an amazing experience worthy of an award. This warm christian festival made my year and this flyer is all about how and why you should go next year.

The Strangest Weekend

Just About Greenbelt

Greenbelt is a christian festival held in the middle of Cheltenham on the racecourse, it's an unmissable experience and for me came up as one of the top experiences of my life. Greenbelt is great fun and the atmosphere is fantastic, the unplanned entertainment is usually some of the most amazing. There were people walking around in unbelievable costumes and people watching them in awe. The people there are so friendly and you get this air of friendship from everyone.

If you go more than one year in a row you will be greeted by people like they are old friends.

Youth Stuff

There is so much for the Youth to do. It's more a youth festival than anything else. There's the Shed, a hangout place for people between 11-18 years old. There's also the Roots stage where young people spread their talent and book themselves a slot to play. Anyone can do it. The Big Top is home to the famous Silent Disco which is full of youths having fun. The Main Stage, you won't find older people going there because it's so much noise!

Greenbelt 2013

Friday, Aug. 23rd, 9am to Monday, Aug. 26th, 11:45pm

Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

It's gonna be good. An amazing experience to be had, I'll see you there next year for a ton of fun!



Get into fights

Be grumpy

Bring illegal substances on site


Keep a smile on your face

Have a load of fun

Wear your wristband


Your Wristband Is Your Ticket

Mentioned in the rules, always wear your wristband! It's your proof that you are meant to be there. Remember, it's an essential piece of your everyday outfit.
Greenbelt 2012 -- Saving Paradise

The Wonderful Greenbelt 2012

The best weekend ever. Enjoy watching this.