You're Invited!

To Haley Gibson's presentation

The Time has finally arrived!

About a month ago I told you that I desire a cat of my very own.

I felt God leading me to submit all of my ideas to you, and see what you would have to say. And after that, not badger, nor ask again.

This, in your hands, its your personal invitation;

To come and hear what I have prepared to say, for the first and the last time.


Sunday, Jun 16th, 4pm

The Gibson house hold

This presentation will be in the living room, through the TV.

There will be refreshments.

*(note: attending presentation, is accepting to the terms and conditions set by Haley Gibson and written on this invite.)

As follows; There will be no saying the word 'no' during the presentation at any time. Hearts will be open to any and all things that I have to say. Decisions, whether yes or no, will be told to Haley at least 2 days after presentations end. Hugs will be given. This presentation will be the ONLY one given on this subject ever. Questions are appreciated and advised.

  • Meet up (4:00pm)
  • Main presentation (about 4:07pm)
  • Q and A (4:30pm)
  • Closing remarks (4:45pm)