"A Child Called 'It'"

An Autobiography by Dave Pelzer

The Fight For Survival

The book, A Child Called "It", is the best autobiography I have ever read. It is about a boy named Dave, when he about 7 years old, his years of abuse and neglect started. He had a happy and joyful childhood. One day, this all drastically changed. He would do the dishes, clean the bathroom, and do pretty much every thing for the house. What in return you may ask. Well, one- fourth of the meals we get to eat every 3 days, and brutally beaten. And when he was done with the chores and not being brutally beaten, he would either be sitting in his Prisoner Of War (P.O.W.) position, or playing his mothers horrifying games. This is how he spent his childhood. And the crazy thing about it, he had siblings, not even much younger then him, that lived awesome childhoods, being fully fed (even dessert), and no abuse, or making them do single dish. This is the saddest yet one of the best books I have ever read, and recommend it for children (so they can appreciate what they have) and adults.

Dave's only Escape

Dave had one place of escape. This place was school. Even though Dave wasn't being abused by his mother, she still found ways to make sure he didn't get food, and wasn't happy. His mother would give Dave meager food from home so he couldn't get school lunch, and embarrassed him with making him wear the same clothes for 2 years in a row. I can't imagine he had taken many showers at all. He had made plans about how he would steal kids food, that were deep. And if he was caught, he would be brutally beaten. If he's good, he's beaten, if he's bad, he would fix his mistake, then he was beaten even harder. This boy was not living a child's life.
Do Not Live in Fear
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