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My Cooking, My Work, My Creativity

Cooking is just another way to show your creativity :-)

Cooking is an art in my eyes. You can express yourself in many ways and have fun with what you made or created. At the end of course you get to eat it. I love cooking, especially pastry because its a lot of fun and very tasteful. Cooking is an easy form me and really get your mind exploring new flavors and new adventures. :-)

Pastry <3

Baking to me is the best part about culinary. It really gets me motivated into making new creations. I can express myself and do what I please. I can make something good looking and something that tastes great. If I am happy I can make a rainbow cake or whatever I desire. I get tone at my results and improve my skills as I go on. :-)



Chefs work hard to make great tasty food for the public to enjoy. They crest great food for the public to enjoy. Some are widely famous and known for their fantastic foods. Chefs believe it or not make good money because many love going to restraunts to enjoy good quality food :-)