Seven Wonders Of The World

Seven Wonders of the Ancient, Natural, Wonders and Modern

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Since ancient times, lots of seven wonders lists have been created. They all say different things but none is definitive. The seven wonders that are most agreed upon as being in the original list are the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which was put together by ancient Greek historians and is made of the most magnificent structures known to the ancient Greek world.

I will be answering,

  1. What are the seven wonders?
  2. Why are they the seven wonders?
  3. How do they effect people?
  4. How many types of seven wonders are there?
  5. Who decides the seven wonders?
  6. Why is it 7 wonders?
  7. How many wonders still survive?
  8. Why are the tributes to greek gods?
  9. Are there plans for more seven wonders?

So, Let's get to it!

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